Most of us have seen at least one of the Ice Age movies.. the first two, or even perhaps three were entertaining to watch and were genuinely quite good. The recently released fourth movie was not received well, and, to be honest, the game based extremely loosely on the movie is a disaster.

This games plot revolves around the gamer playing mini-games with their team in order to win an acorn… yes, it is as bad as it sounds. The game gets worse as it progresses, with badly rendered, low resolution videos and textures.

10 mini-games are included and are even repeated through the course of the story in order to try and lengthen the game without putting in extra effort. Many of you will know I rarely give a game less than a 6 because most excel in some form, however, I cannot give this game that credit as it would be an insult to other games which are leaps and bounds superior.

The AI coding in the game is awful… they are very slow and pose no challenge to the player, your gaming abilities will not even be slightly tested in this game, it is a game which you will play through very quickly and never fail at.

The controls are also done very badly. You may die in some of the races through no fault of your own, it will happen due to horribly engineered controls and will further increase your hatred of this game.

The games UI is also very bad, not giving you much information about how you’ve done or even if you’ve won until after the race is over… it’s quite unpredictable how many bonus points you will gain or penalties you will receive.

Motion controls can be used, however, they do not improve this disaster of a game in any way, however, for a child, it might make it slightly better (I can’t give any concrete answer).

You will be lucky if this game keeps you entertained for even an hour, so, I suggest all adults stay completely away from this.. however, if you find it at a cheap price (which it likely will be), your kids might get an hour or two of gameplay from it!

Here are the scores: