Good evening all! Our friends over at Paramount Home Entertainment sent us a copy of the Indiana Jones Blu-ray boxset, featuring all four movies remastered in HD, along with a bonus features disk. I have to say, this is one beautifully packaged set and the Indiana Jones movies are fantastic – this really is one Christmas gift which should be on your list!

This boxset has been a very long awaited affair and the many massive fans of the series have highly anticipated the re-release of these films on Blu-ray for the first time. 2012 is the series’ 20th Anniversary and the four films have been given a significant visual upgrade as a celebration. I’ll say this now: they look stunning. You would not believe that the first movie was twenty years old – it looks like a new film.

All four films are presented with beautiful visuals, and this release of the series looks many, many times better than any other format on which these classics were released. They look crisp, defined and vivid and anyone who has followed the films will not be disappointed with these; rather, they will be delighted to find their favourite movies in this new level of detail.

Sound quality is also exemplary with music and sound effects available in the highest quality. It is genuinely hard to believe these are old movies – anyone who did not know would not be frowned upon for thinking they were very recently made (in the case of the three originals)/

Anyone who hasn’t seen the Indiana Jones movies, such as myself, rest assured they are masterpieces. I did not think I would like the movies before I received this release, but, upon watching the first, I got hooked. They each have a fantastic story, very funny moments and great dialogue and personas. I would recommend that all teenagers and adults make sure they give these movies a chance. This boxset is very reasonably priced online (in places like Amazon) and would make a perfect Christmas gift for the family.

Finally, I’d like to match a special word about the packaging. The outer cover has a lovely embossed title: “Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures” and an embossed Indiana himself. As you remove the outer cover, inside, each of the movies have their own cover with beautiful matte artwork from the promotional campaign of each respective film with the title printed atop. The packaging really is superb and it looks beautiful beside your other films. I spent ten minutes appreciating the artwork on the box itself when I opened it, it’s just really nice.

Overall, this box set is the best release ever in the Indiana Jones series and, at an excellent price point, the perfect Christmas gift for anyone in the family. Each movie looks fantastic, sounds fantastic and IS fantastic. This box set should be an essential part of your movie collection – DO NOT MISS THIS RELEASE!

VALUE: 9/10

OVERALL: 9/10 (essential part of film collection)