The Ultimate Edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us was a fantastic idea. Since the game’s original release, it had major improvements to gameplay through patches and DLC releases, adding new missions, characters and costumes. The ultimate edition is a composition of the improved base game and all the DLC releases. This provides one of the most content-rich experiences available on the PS4 yet, and the sheer amount of available missions and modes will allow hours of play running into the hundreds.

As we mentioned in our PS3/360 review earlier this year, the story mode consists of the player jumping from character to character, playing fights as them. The story is fantastic, funny and typical of DC. It is a fantastic package, enhanced even further by the abundance of DLC content. The story still remains pretty short, but there is so much more to keep you interested. It is a fantastic series of mini-plots, and provides great entertainment for those familiar with DC characters.

STAR LAB missions and arcade mode are the places which you will spend most of your time after conquering the pretty short main story. Arcade mode allows you to play through a sequence of fights; each time involving a different enemy. The task is simple; avoid loss for as long as possible. Challenge mode is another place which will allow you to pass time, offering a whopping two-hundred and forty mini-games (eg. restricted characters, restricted moves, lower health etc) which you must complete.

The graphical improvement is subtle, but noticeable. The character models have been given a tweak, and look more crisp and vivid. Meanwhile, the lighting engine and environments have been given an additional layer of polish, which fixes the smaller inconsistencies present in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Overall, while the upgrades are slight, they are visible, and tighten up the graphics to end with a visually impressive fighter.

Without a doubt, Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the PS4 games you will want to consider, especially if you enjoy the DC Universe. The content offered is fantastic, and the package is great value for money. The inclusion of the DLC packs makes the Ultimate Edition feel like a GOTY edition, however, the improvements in gameplay and graphics over the base game warrants the name ‘Ultimate Edition’. This IS the definitive Injustice: Gods Among Us release.

NOTE: This review deals primarily with the UPGRADEs which have been made for the PS4 Ultimate Edition of Injustice. For more details on the static elements of the game, please see our PS3/Xbox 360 review below this note. Thank you for reading!


ORIGINAL REVIEW [non-Ultimate Edition] | (29th April 2013 at 19:30)
Injustice: Gods Among Us is a new title featuring some of the most famous DC superheros. Developed by NetherRealm Studios (developers of Mortal Kombat), the game has only recently hit market to the delight of Batman, Superman and Green Lantern fans, as well as the fans of various other characters from the DC Universe. Read on for our full opinion on the game…

Twenty four characters feature in Injustice, including the famous superheroes in addition to the famous villains such as Bane, Joker, Hawk Girl and Lex Luthor. The game has a high standard of graphics, with the backgrounds of the scenes looking good and the location designs sticking with the DC feel. Another positive about Injustice is the fact it has a TRUE storyline. Many fighting games have little of a story to them and simply concentrate on continued fights, Injustice has an actual plot in between the fights.

Cutscenes transition back to the action perfectly and seamlessly, making the game feel extremely smooth. The story mode lasts between four and five hours, perhaps more if you die a lot. What’s very attractive about the game is the level up system. With the ability to progress as far as level 100, the game offers plenty of room to continuously improve, regardless of what game mode you are playing. Whether you are playing in story mode, multiplayer mode or normal tournament (or battle) mode, you will always be earning experience towards upgrading your level.

The combat system is very diverse. Newcomers to fighting games would have no problem picking up the control and figuring out how to attack, even if it is a bit of button mashing, however, the opportunity for hardcore fighting gamers to use advanced attacks, strategies and defenses is there and available. If you really want to use the combat system to its maximum, you will need to study it for a while. Each character has certain unique attacks and you will likely soon see that you prefer the feel of a certain character (or characters) over another. Powers, special moves and super moves are all specialties which vary from character to character, each bringing their own unique element to the table. This is something which you will likely experiment with for a long time before nailing down your favourite character.

The offline tournaments and story mode are excellent elements of the game. To join that group, we also have the great S.T.A.R labs, a mode which includes 240 missions. Ten unique missions are available for each character, with each focusing on a different element or elements of that character. The missions will all be different as each is based on the powers and personalities of the character which they are associated with.

Unfortunately, the online modes aren’t quite as impressive as the offline section of the game. While still being very fun, a nice bonus and enjoyable, there are several thing missing such as a more fair ranking system, better customisation options and more unique game modes. Overall however, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fantastic fighting game, one of the best released in recent times and certainly deserves a play by both fans of fighting games and fans of the DC Universe.


IMPORTANT NOTE: In the SCORES section below:
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