InsideTheBox is happy to reveal it’s E3 coverage today. We have setup a mini-site behind the scenes which will be ready to cover E3 with streaming and the latest news. The site will automatically open one day prior the E3.

When you visit InsideTheBox, it will automatically bring you to our E3 site, if you want to get back to the normal website, a link will be provided on the E3 website. The E3 mini-site has the same design as the normal site, just with a few extra bits, such as the video stream, a live updating twitter feed (showing all tweets with #E3 in them) and the time schedules for both UK and US.

We will stream as many press conferences as are available to us and we will also be providing up-to-the-minute news!

Here is a preview of the E3 site, we will be adding a few more things to it, so, expect some changes:

Stick with InsideTheBox for E3 2012, the closest thing to being there!