Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is a new game for the PS Vita which is quite similar to Professor Layton. The game will be delivered in episodic segments over a currently unknown period of time. This new series shows great promise for the PS Vita and could be one of the best PSN games on the system. At the measly price of €1.99 (£1.79 is my sterling estimate, $2.99 in US), you really cannot go wrong trying this game!

The first episode of the game introduces us to the camp in which Jacob, the protagonist, will be staying. Immediately, you will be able to sense this camp is not quite normal… there is something odd about it. Jacob Jones is a charming game and in terms of content, you will not get better value on the PS Vita than €1.99 for this game – it has everything: story, graphics, charm and value.

The first episode of the game features twenty-one puzzles, a sum not to be laughed at for a game of this price. Impressively, the game uses Unreal Engine 3, however, it would be unreasonable to expect it to look anything like full retail titles using the engine. The graphical style is fun, cartoonish and adopts a ‘cardboard-cutout’ feel, similar to the upcoming Tearaway.

The simplistic nature of both the game and its control scheme makes the Vita a perfect place for this game, as it is the ‘pickup and play’ type of game which you would likely play on a bus or during a short journey. The game will also be available on iOS, however, in my opinion, games are always better on a dedicated handheld console, so, I would definitely prefer playing the Vita version.

Lucid Games (the developers) hope to expand on the title and bring a series of adventures to the Jacob Jones series. The first episode is a very reassuring entry by the developers, and we really hope to see more of this game in the future. It has everything going for it: value, charm, fun, graphics, sound, story and suitability for its platform. For only €1.99, any Vita owner would be crazy not to check this out!