Jenga Boom is one of the more recent versions of the classic game Jenga. Jenga, as most people will know, is a game where blocks must be removed from a tower by players without making it topple over. The player who causes the tower to topple loses. Jenga Boom is a new iteration of the game with a new timer element added, read on for more…

Jenga is a great one-on-one game. You and your other player will each take it in turns to remove a block from a tower using only one hand without making the tower topple over. As blocks continue to be removed, the tower becomes unstable. Jenga Boom adds more to this formula. Now, the start of your turn, you must start a timer, and end it when your turn ends. After the timer runs out, the tower will collapse and you will be the loser of the game.

Whilst the game is not truly suitable for more than 2 players, it is great for a quick one-on-one match. Each game typically only lasts a few minutes, or, if you or the other player turn out to be particular bad, maybe much sooner. The objective is to keep the tower standing until the other player is faced with a possible collapse, however, time wasting will be penalised, if you spend too much time on one move, the tower will collapse too.

Another added bonus of this version is that the blocks supplied with the game can be used to play normal Jenga without the tower too. If you don’t feel like having the added pressure of time, you can still play without using the timer. Overall, Jenga Boom is a great game for quick one-on-one games with a friend or family member.

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