Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is a compilation of the original Kingdom Hearts (1.5 edition) and the sequel, Chains of Memories. We are brought back to the nostalgic beginnings of the hugely popular, charming series, with both games looking and playing better than they ever did before. Read on for our take on these remastered classics…

I will admit, I had never played the Kingdom Hearts series before this remastered release, so, I did my research on the originals before playing. I did not release I would get so gripped to the story and charm of the game and its characters. It was extremely fun to the play, and was well worth the long investment of time to play through the two games. In this review, I will mainly be talking about the quality of the remaster (I borrowed an old PS2 copy from a friend and played it for a couple of hours to try to accurately compare) and the changes and flaws in these games.

So, as many of you know, Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing game series, which features Disney characters alongside a group of teenagers with close bonds. The story and characters are very charming, and instantly likeable, allowing the player to develop a bond with the characters and get drawn into the story. I noticed online that people were saying the original Kingdom Hearts was the most boring and grinding in the series, but I had a HUGE amount of fun. If the sequels are better, I cannot wait to play them, as I already thought the original was outstanding.

The new remix edition is a fantastic way for new players to join the series; as there have been a lot of games and spin offs, which can be confusing (chronologically). The remix edition will ensure you enter a correct stage in the timeline, and get the know the characters from the beginning. This will leave the path open for the more-or-less confirmed upcoming 2.5 remix, which will bring you up to speed with the main story in anticipation of Kingdom Hearts III, which is currently in development as a next generation title at Square Enix. If you are already a fan of the series who liked the original, you will REALLY enjoy this return, as the game has never played better!

One of things I love is the fact that the assets from the original game were missing, and could not be salvaged. This, in turn, meant that each and every asset was recreated from this HD remaster, bringing outstanding high definition quality graphics to the game. The remastering of the cutscenes, and recreation of the character models have made this game an outstanding piece of art, and makes a huge difference the quality of the offering presented to us.

The soundtrack for both games have been left untouched; just the way they should be. I have to say; I fell in love with the music from the original game, particularly the opening ‘Dearly Beloved’ track, which is very relaxing and calming. Since playing these titles for the first time, I have been listening to the music over and over, as it really is a great soundtrack. The magic of the Disney-infused world is well represented through the score.

A major change is the remapping of the camera to the right analogue stick (originally the triggers). In my opinion, this more or less fixes the camera issues originally present within the game. I didn’t find the camera problematic to control. One of the flaws still present is the variable jumping; which does not always work correctly. It didn’t hugely impact my experience within the game, but, could have been fixed for the remaster. There are a few other buggy mechanics, although the team did their best with the 11 year-old game.

The second game in the series (Chain of Memories) has been remastered and is presented in the same high definition quality the original offers. The story is directly continued, and a number of significant events occur in the game, and without knowledge of these, Kingdom Hearts II would be a little confusing. It takes a large turn in gameplay direction, adopting a card-based battle system, which some fans didn’t like. Personally, I think it played out great (especially for an originally-handheld title) and is extremely enjoyable, despite not being quite as good as the original in my eyes.

Overall, the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX edition is a very impressive piece of work, and I thoroughly enjoyed it as my first entry into the established RPG series. With the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III release, this is the perfect time for new players to join the series, and this product will certainly bring you up to speed. If you are a long-time fan, you should invest in the remix, the original game (and sequel) plays better than ever before!