I hope you are all having a nice Saturday afternoon/evening, today we have a small review for you, it’s NIS America’s recently released PSN title, Legasista. The game is a Japanese-style role-playing-game, which is, as always, Nippon Ichi Software’s area of expertise.. lets see how their latest release fares!

Unfortunately, Legasista doesn’t quite live up to the usual standard of NIS America’s offerings and does not have the same charm as the Disgaea series of games. While I have played worse games, I must admit, Legasista can be very boring in certain places and was, admittedly, a bit of a pain to play through in it’s entirety.

The characters in the game don’t have very interesting personalities and aren’t that appealing to listen to. The dialogue is rather boring and is hard to pay attention to, you’ll skip it in many cases. The characters are generic and ones we have seen before. They do not have the factors necessary (such as making the player want to keep them alive), to make the game an enjoyable experience. Their annoying dialogue and bland personality is almost enough to make you want to turn off…

It’s not all bad though, the game has an absolutely fantastic soundtrack, staying true to NIS’ usual performance in this area. The classic Japanese RPG soundtrack is available in Legasista and is perfect in it’s entirety, so, while the characters might be extremely dull, the soundtrack may be enough to keep you playing for a bit longer.

Then we get to the combat and things begin to go further downhill. The game’s mechanics in fighting and puzzle-solving, to put it plainly, aren’t very good. Combat is unengaging, tiring and uninnovative. The stiff movements of the characters and repetitive natures of fights will quickly become a pain to continually play through.

Another annoying factor is the reality that newly discovered weapons and items cannot be applied to use until the completion of the current level and return to base. To make things worse, healing items cannot be used after the level has started… very unusual for a game of this nature. This will be enough to make many players use the PS3’s “Quit Game” function.

Anyone who decides to continue to play and give the game another chance… I have bad news for you. You won’t find much more in terms of good gameplay, innovation, surprises and a more uniform play style, rather than a mixture of many. Legasista tries to combine features from too many different types of gameplay, rather than sticking to one single type. This risk did not pay off and has made a terrible effect on the game’s overall appeal. If you continue to play, the experience will remain pretty much just as dull throughout the game.

We love NIS America here, they usually make excellent titles and their PR and customer relations staff are very nice, but, they just haven’t delivered their usual quality and charm in Legasista. We are going to have to close off by saying; avoid this title unless you really want to play a Japanese RPG. If you haven’t played some of NIS America’s other titles, we suggest purchasing those instead. Thanks for reading, here are the final scores…