Welcome to another SUMMER OF VITA review on InsideTheBox, this evening, it’s a review of the popular LEGO HARRY POTTER: YEARS 5-7 on the PS VITA. Today’s review will mainly show how it compares to the console versions of the game.

The LEGO series of games is very popular. Well known for it’s variety of collectibles, the games offer quite some value to people who love getting 100% in their games. It will force these players to replay levels later in the game after they unlock the correct kind of character to complete certain parts of levels, rewarding them with a Wizards Hat, Red Brick or Character Token.

The game’s story is quite good. While reduced from the console version, it still is very entertaining and is quite fun to play. I enjoyed playing most levels in the game, a few were a tad boring, however, I have played games that were much, much worse.

The game mainly focuses around you solving puzzles to progress within the game. It only loosely follows the story of Harry Potter, however, most of the key moments are present within the game.

A criticism I must make is the lack of use of the Vita’s screen. While the game’s graphics are not bad, they do not use the VITA’s beautiful OLED display to it’s full capacity, as seen in games like Rayman Origins. The cutscenes are particularly awful.. the lighting is dull, colours are washed out and, in general, just look awful… so, I had to choose to skip most of them and miss out on the LEGO game humour, present in all LEGO titles.

Sound effects and music are great, along with character sounds. They are all what you would expect from a LEGO game, and live up to the console versions of this title. I cannot say anything negative about sound, it is done to a high standard.

Replay value in the game is fantastic, you will find your self replaying the levels multiple times to try and get 100% and get your platinum trophy. Another criticism is the lack of touch screen use in the game. I played through the entire game without using it and any application of it is generally done more naturally with buttons.

Another thing I am disappointed about is the complete lack of network features. There is not a single network feature available, or even a local co-op mode. For a handheld, always connected platform like the Vita, all games should have at least one online application, however, this title failed to deliver that.

So, to finish off, I must say… while this game does not really live up to the console version of the game, it still is the best handheld version and I suggest you purchase the game if you are looking for something to play on your Vita.. this port is superior to the 3DS version.