The LEGO series of videogames has done incredibly well across its life thus far. It all started with Star Wars, but has become so much more, now expanding into the world of Marvel. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one of the most action-packed and diverse games we have seen in the LEGO series thus far, and is presented more polished than ever before, thanks to the release alongside the next generation consoles. Read on for our full review.

The story brings together missions involving almost all of the famous Marvel characters of recent years. Of course, the game is crammed full of the usual charm and humour we have come to expect from the Lego titles. All the characters very impressively follow the personalities of their counterparts in the Marvel universe, with many of their attributes being used to create laughter, for example, Bruce Banner/The Hulk. We don’t want to ruin much of the fantastic story for you, as it really is one of the best in the LEGO series.

The game is suitable for all ages, with colourful and interactive gameplay to appeal to younger children, but also a lot of hidden material for older fans which the younger ones will not notice. You will find all the well-known characters among the HUGE roster within Marvel Super Heroes, including: The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, Doctor Doom, The Silver Surfer, Captain America, Wolverine, Green Goblin, Sandman and so many more! There are over 100 heroes, and each and every one of them carries over their moves/special abilities from the Marvel Universe. Even subtle effects such as their reactions and animations hold true to their personalities, which shows huge attention to detail has been given by Traveller’s Tales.

There are fifteen levels included in the game, and all are based across well-known Marvel locations, such as the streets of Manhattan and Stark Tower. Again, the detail included is phenomenal, and many of the areas are very large, and have multiple ways to get around. For example, you can use boats, planes and cars in Manhattan, or, for example, use Iron Man’s power to fly. The way in which Traveller’s Tales have created the characters and locations for the game is very impressive, and this really is a true homage to Marvel fans; the developers have made sure nothing important has been left out, and it really pays off.

As always, you will be tasked with collecting studs and gold bricks, and also for filling up your studs bar, unlocking ‘True Believer’ status for the level (and earning a gold bricks). There are 250 gold bricks to collect in the game, so, if you like completing LEGO games to 100%, you will get quite some time from Marvel Super Heroes. There are also interactive areas within the levels which may unlock characters or other secrets, so keep a look-out for those! The ‘rescue’ missions have returned in Marvel Super Heroes too, tasking you with rescuing Stan Lee in many of the levels (similar to the ‘Student in Peril’ rescues in LEGO Harry Potter).

Graphically, the game looks amazing. The lighting engine has clearly been giving a large boost, as everything looks highly polished and a lot more impressive now. All of the characters have been crafted in vivid, high-quality textures, and this really shows while playing the games. The environments have stunning detail, and add a great atmosphere to each of the levels, really creating a Marvel vibe throughout the game. The game looks polished, crisp and vivid, but unfortunately, only runs at 30FPS. It is not a MASSIVE downfall, but can be noticed on occasion. Nevertheless, Marvel Super Heroes is still presented as a fantastic title visually.

In terms of sound, the team has done just as fine a job in capturing the Marvel universe in audio as they did in level design; with many great voice-actors providing voices for the main characters of the game. The music is outstanding, and suits the Marvel-themed universe perfectly, while still retaining that LEGO charm we know and love. Sound effects are typical of the LEGO game series, although many characters have been bestowed with a custom sound effect for their attack/ability.

Overall, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one of the best entries in the series. The gameplay, level-design and characters remain true to their Marvel roots, and the attention to detail is phenomenal. You will have so much fun playing this family-friendly game. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Marvel, the game still plays fantastically, and is the most ambitious and deep entry into the series by Traveller’s Tales. Marvel fans will be truly delighted with this title!

PLEASE NOTE: We did not get the opportunity to play the PS3, Xbox 360 or handheld versions of this game. For this reason, we cannot comment on the game on these platforms, although it is safe to assume that the story, level design, character roster and gameplay & sound elements will be very similar on the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.