Here we have another installment in the Lego series of video games, this time based on the ever popular The Lord of the Rings series of films. The game follows the storyline of all three movies and has levels based on the key parts of each film. The Lego games are becoming more and more frequent, are they deteriorating? Read on for our opinion…

Lego Lord of the Rings looks fantastic and really is one of the most vivid Lego games yet. The shine of the Lego pieces and the detail used in the design of the backgrounds and atmospheres within the game is great. Most people know the formula of a Lego game by now; you play as Lego versions of the most famous characters from a certain franchise and traverse levels based on that franchise where everything is made from Lego. Studs are used as currency within the game.

As usual, the sounds are great – mostly being the standard sounds used in all Lego games, however, there are a lot of new sound effects which are as always, expertly produced to bring the Lego charm to each of the series which have partnered with Travellers Tales to make a Lego game. Music is also brilliant and feels like The Lord of the Rings.

Unfortunately, that is where most of the positives end. The game just doesn’t feel like a true Lego game. Lego Harry Potter and Lego Batman (which are the previous two Lego games) both feel like and have the charm that we have come to expect from Lego games, however, the more serious tone of The Lord of the Rings has the adverse effect of making this Lego game feel like it isn’t a Lego game.

The puzzles within the game aren’t particularly challenging or very fun to play, which is a surpise considering the usual quality of any output by TT Games. Lego LOTR is not a bad game by any means, but unfortunately it just does not match up to what I expected and is not on par with other games in the Lego series of titles. The game begins to lack in fun after a while and gets a little repetitive and boring.

Again, the scenery within the levels looks excellent and this game is very true to the Lord of the Rings series – it plays very well and has great sound effects, but, if you are expecting a true Lego game, it isn’t quite there. It lacks the charm and atmosphere of the standard Lego game to be touted as such. If you are looking of a game based on The Lord of the Rings, again, you will enjoy some of it but it certainly lacks in places.

To wrap up the review – the game has its moments and can be fun in parts, but it also has quite a few boring segments which can be a chore to play through. The overall package certainly cannot be called bad, but, it isn’t as good as some of the other Lego titles.