We have decided to go back a bit and review some Indie games that were particularly acclaimed at their release which we did not review at the time. Today, we have the special collectors edition of Limbo, one of the most popularly released indie titles in the last few years. The special collectors edition was released at retail quite some time after the original release and it likely the title that helped Merge Games take off.

The special edition includes the following contents; a DRM-free version of the game, the soundtrack, a Steam key for the game, a pair of 3D glasses, photograph cards of scenes in the game and a special edition case. Also included is a sticker of the boy.

Most people have heard about the actual game itself, however, we will speak briefly about the game and its high points. Limbo is one of the more odd games to be released in the gaming industry. Not only does the game not contain a single line of dialogue or contain any instructions, its graphics consist of a very simple, but creepy black and white style with flickering light effects.

Awaking in a forest as a boy without any explanation of why, who or how, you quickly discover the dangers of where you are and must work to traverse the dangers and get out of the region. The creepy world draws the player in, from start, to finish.

Not a single cutscene, line of dialogue, backstory, loading screen or direction hint appears throughout the entire of the game and it creates a sense of the game being extremely unique. The game is not fantastic, it is exceptional. Even more impressive is the fact it manages to deliver this through a simple, uncrowded world with no text or dialogue.

The only way to progress is to “die and try”. You will die many, many times as it is the way to win the game. To escape the puzzles of the forest, you must think and attempt ways to solve them, but you will often die before figuring out the correct solution to allow you to pass through to the next part of the game.

The collectors edition is fantastic value, and even better when paired with the massive discounts that Merge Games are offering in their New Year Online Store sale. At a price of £19.99, with an additional 25& discount, bringing it to £15 (which can be bought with other titles to increase the discount eg. 2 games – 30% off etc), this collectors edition of LIMBO on PC cannot be missed!

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