Hello everyone! Today we have another review in the Summer of Vita category… it’s Little Deviants! Little Deviants was the game known to show off the Vita’s new capabilities, using the front & rear touch and sixaxis controls.

The game, sad to say, did not live up to the expectations which were created for it. The game has no relevant plot and has a focus on you completing mini-games with as large a score as you possibly can.

I found the game became boring very quickly and it became repetitive after only a few levels. I also found constantly using the rear touch screen rather uncomfortable and tiresome.

The graphical quality of the game, however, is very good. Artwork and textures are rendered nicely and generally the game does not look pixelated. Character models are detailed and vibrant, aided by the Vita’s amazing screen.

Little Deviants won’t really appeal to most people, its not the game you would sit and play for an extended amount of time, it’s more like a fleshed out version of the free WELCOME PARK application. Sounds and music give the impression it’s a very childish game, however, the Vita is not really a handheld made for kids, I feel it’s more suited to teenagers and adults. The game does not really have a place on the Vita.

As I mentioned, the control scheme is awkward to use and would cause a lot of discomfort to use on the go. I think Little Deviants is a game to avoid unless you have some children playing on your PS VITA.

Here are the scores: