Logo Billionaire is Drumond Park’s latest board game release, and follows on from the pretty well-known LOGO series of games. The game centres around becoming a billionaire by creating companies and risking more cash or bust on a deck of cards. Read on for more information on this new release!

The game is simple to setup. After preparing the board, you must deal out cards which are separated into a number of different colour groups which you can later match up to create a company. The game offers two ways of playing; apprentice and executive, which is a great idea to help new players get used to the apprentice version before they step up into the more risky executive mode.

The concept of the game is pretty simple; you must match three brands in the same colour group (groups split between different product types) before you can start a company. Once you start a company, you can then draw cards from a deck, each of which have either a monetary value or BUST printed on them. If you get a cash card, your company earns that cash, however, if you get a bust card, your company loses all the money it has collected thus far (apprentice rules). It is a great concept that proves very fun.

Once you introduce the executive rules to the game, you will find that things get a little more tricky. Your company’s card can be stolen by other players, and there are more risks than before. It may sound a little complex, but you will be able to get the hang of it very quickly once you start playing. The game also introduces elements of trade, to allow you to negotiate with another player which could work out mutually beneficial (such as the swapping of two brands so both players can create a company). The game brings the authenticity of business risk to the home, although without the real cash risk! One card can destroy a player who was only a moment previously set to win the game. It is very risky business!

So, as we mentioned, in the apprentice version, you must collect three cards from a set to form a company. Then, you begin to draw from the RISKY BUSINESS deck. As you draw, you can collect 10 million, 20 million or even 30 million, but beware, you can also go bust. You can continue to draw until you decide to stop, or bust. If you finish with some cash value, you multiply it by the number of brand cards you offered earlier and collect that cash.

In the executive version of the game, take-overs, newsflashes and auctions are introduced. Landing on a take-over spot will allow you wait until you spot an opportunity to take-over a newly launched company from a competitor. You both spin a number on the centre of the board and add it to the number of brand cards in that company, the winner wins the company over (and its finances). Newsflash cards can affect all the companies in the game, while auctions can produce some tense bidding. This mode introduces a lot more to the game, and makes it a far more fun board game. The apprentice version is great for younger or new players, however.

Overall, Logo Billionaire is a great concept, and produces a lot of fun and risky gameplay. The game is suitable for a family with kids over approximately 8 years of age, and is a very enjoyable play. You can buy it now, online or in-store, at the RRP of £24.99.