Brady Games (DK here in the UK/Ireland) are a great partner of ours, and are always happy to provide us with copies of the latest gaming guides for review on the site. Today, we have the review of the Lost Planet 3 strategy guide, which released alongside the game itself. Read on for our opinion of this latest release from the high-quality strategy guide publisher…

We reviewed Lost Planet 3 a couple of weeks back, and although it may not have matched up to the popularity of the older two entries, I found it was still a very enjoyable title and definitely deserves to be considered. The Brady Games strategy guide for this title makes clear everything about the game, unveiling hidden secrets, key locations, a detailed walkthrough of each event and side quest throughout the entire story and even a guide to the games multiplayer modes.

One of the first things I always notice with Brady Games is the high quality printing. The guides looks spectacular and feature high quality paper, and printing in many colours. The design ethos that the team adopts is always one of clarity: they will use great quality, colour screenshot prints; headings and subheadings will be printed in different colours and the overall layout will adopt a simple and consistent design – even if it means a higher cost of printing.

The same can be said about the level of detail put into the written aspect of the guide. This entire guide was written by Michael Owen, and the fact the author can maintain the same in-depth writing standard throughout the entire course of the story is impressive. You can tell that the staff at Brady Games and very talented and experienced at what they do solely by reading their penmanship. They sustain the excellent offering throughout the guide and never miss anything important.

In terms of the Lost Planet 3 guide; the guide points out everything from ammo & weapon locations to the hidden whereabouts of audio and text logs within the game. The guide is particularly useful for the gamers who cannot bear not to collect everything the game has to offer. If you want all the knowledge there is about the game, look no further than this guide. Detailed descriptions of the enemies and characters, along with statistics regarding the games weapons are all offered in the guide.

The layout adopts a blue colour scheme. The pages have a very light blue hue, with the margins, headings, boxes and graphs all being in various shades of blue, going from light to very dark. Orange and red are also used as accent colours. One thing I will mention about the Lost Planet 3 guide is that it is VERY image heavy. All the text within the guide is accompanied by a number of images, which can be a great help in trying to find certain items the text is making reference to.

The Lost Planet 3 strategy guide even offers separate sections for optional missions, and achievements/trophies within the game. The guide is absolutely chocked full with anything you would need to know about the title, which makes it the PERFECT companion for Lost Planet 3!

SCORE: 9.5/10