Lost Planet 3 is the latest entry into the well known Lost Planet series, that last of which was released a few years ago on consoles on PC. Capcom decided to resurrect the series once more, with a prequel to the original game. A lot of positive changes occupy LP3, so, read on for our full review of the title to see what it has to offer!

An old man, who’s story from 50 years in the past is told, is the protagonist in Lost Planet 3. The plot is a bit different, so, bear with us we explain what has happened. A company known as NEVEC has sent a group up people to mine the EDN III, a planet with an abundance of T-ENERGY, a substance they can use on Earth in replacement of natural energy reserves to help delay the energy crisis from occurring. We don’t want to spoil anything, but the story is FANTASTIC and really does keep you engaged right through to the climax of the story. Plot is definitely one of the areas through which Lost Planet 3 impresses me.

The game is a third person shooter, and can be compared to the Dead Space series in a number of ways (however, there are significant differences which make LP3 and DS3 feel like completely different experiences). Not only does the game focus on clearing enemies using weapons however; a lot of the gameplay consists of the player repairing machinery, or clearing paths for more efficient survival, faster travelling and better assistance with the fight against the alien attackers.

Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn’t stay amazing all the way through. The game contains a lot of unpleasant mechanics, such as the fact that the spawnpoint of enemy characters can be out in the open, so, you can have an enemy spawn beside, or behind you, right in front of your eyes. This removes some of the realism that the background story creates (which we will be talking about down further) and is probably the main negative point in the game. Thankfully, outside the simple of sometimes glitchy AI system, there are great boss battles in Lost Planet 3. An online multiplayer mode has also been added to the game, to add to the 14-18 hours single player campaign length. It is pretty standard in terms of multiplayer, but, of course, has to be recognised as adding additional value.

Now, in terms of the environment within Lost Planet 3, well, the game looks beautiful. The frozen world comes to life through rich textures of the ice-laden ground, combined with the frosty outline of the protagonist suit. The world really is outstandingly designed. Equal care and attention has been given to the backgrounds, character models, enemy models, objects, cutscenes and weapon designs, making the whole package look very polished.

Not only do the graphics perform to perfection, but the sound is great too. A mostly enjoyable, appropriate score (apart from a couple of stray background tracks) is paired with suitable sound effects to add to the impact of the excellent story, beautiful atmosphere and fun gameplay. One thing we have neglected to mention thus far (because we wanted to keep it to the end) is the effect of the back story portrayed within the game; that of the protagonist and his wife.

Throughout the story, many videos will be shown to you (the player) regarding the relationship between the protagonist and his wife. You will see how the deeply loved eachother, but he had to carry out his duty by travelling to this planet, and was unable to see his son as he grew from infant to child. This guy has sacrificed a lot of his life to do this job, and this really allows the player to sympathise and feel sorry for the protagonist, instantly creating a bond. This story really can pull you in, and adds depth to the characters which you usually do not see within video games. The game succeeds in the exceptionally hard feat of emotionally bonding player with character, and for that, I think the game deserves praise.

Lost Planet 3 is out now on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.