Good evening all, we have a review of the newly released Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted video game. This game is aimed for children, so, if you have kids, you might want to have a read to see if this would be worth making the Christmas list…

Children’s games are very hard for reviewer’s to review. We have to attempt to review the game based on what a child would experience while playing this game, so, this review score ONLY applies as a CHILDREN’S GAME SCORE, this score is not comparable with all other non-children’s game reviews.

The game is being released to coincide with the EU release of the movie of the same title. As you know, most movie spin-off games are only released to pull in cash and are usually awful in terms of gameplay.

Madagascar 3: The Video Game is an exception to this. The team of zoo animals: Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman find themselves in a travelling circus and must try to return to their home in New York. This game is based on a variety of circus-themed challenges, mini-games and quests. The game contains exactly the type of gameplay a young child would enjoy. The challenges are simple, the game is easy to play and it will keep the kids entertained and quiet.

While there is nothing groundbreaking, the textures still looks great and very colourful. The game mainly consists of players collecting items which are required to progress within the game – this is a time filler in between the small story, however, kids will not notice this in the slightest.

The game is also available in a two-player mode, which makes it much more entertaining. The CPU is an idiot in this game, so having a second player is much more useful and fun while playing.

The game’s graphics does a good job of reproducing what is present on the big screen and even though the characters are not voiced by their actors from the movie, the replacement voice artists sound very, very close to their movie voicing counterparts.

I’ll finish off my review by saying: This game is worth the purchase if you have two kids who are of suitable age (under 10-12) to play this, get this game. It is a good children’s game and is better than most movie spin-offs!