Madden NFL 15 is the latest release in the popular American Football simulator. While not quite as popular as the internationally famous FIFA series, Madden still remains a huge franchise, particular for those in the USA.

The latest release in the series brings some massive changes to the gameplay when compared to what we experienced in last year’s release. This year, we see a much higher emphasis put on defensive strategy and this has the overall effect of making the game feel far more realistic.

Another big change lies in the camera angles used. When you head into an offensive attack on the opposition, the camera will move to an over-the-shoulder position, immersing you right into the action. This, overall, is an excellent development as it makes the player feel much more like one of the team’s players, rather than a “commander” over the entire squad.

In defence, we see a similar change. The camera angle seamlessly changes to one facing the player you are about to tackle, again, allowing you to feel as if you are right inside the action of the game. The camera angle tweaks are massive overhauls to the Madden formula, and ones which I believe will pay-off greatly.

Unfortunately, some physics problems still remain in the game. While they were not quite as noticeable as the issues I experienced in last year’s edition of the game, they still exist, which is a big problem. Occasionally, players will move their bodies into painful and sometimes impossible positions. The player models often glitch themselves, with limbs splicing together or random air-flips occurring.

Graphically, the game shines. The first Madden game to make its debut on PS4 and Xbox One came last year, however, EA seems to have upped the ante once again with Madden NFL 15. The player models appear to be at their most realistic ever in this year’s version, with the environments, crowds and pitches looking spectacular. Madden NFL 15 is undoubtedly the best-looking American football simulator I have seen thus far.

In-match commentary has not improved much over previous iterations in the game. Although it could use some work, the new changes to the camera angles make the game that much more immersive that the commentary is no longer as much of an issue as it was in the past. That being said, EA should certainly be working on improving this lacking element of the game.

In terms of game modes, not much has changed on this front. All the favourite, well-known game modes return as expected, including the highly popular Madden Ultimate Team mode. There is certainly plenty of selection available to players across the many modes included in NFL 15.

Overall, Madden NFL 15 an excellent entry in the series. Any fan of American football will certainly enjoy this title greatly. Despite having some issues which have not yet been attended to, the game still manages to deliver a first-class experience with some major changes to the way the game plays out!