Magic The Gathering will be enjoyed by any avid collectors of cards and other merchandise (such as myself), however, the question those people are asking is: does the digital version (which removes the idea of physical cards) warrant a purchase. We are here today to review the 2013 entry into the DUELS OF THE PLANESWALKERS SERIES.

The game has many differences to the real trading card game. Firstly, the variety of decks available in the game are limited in the sense that each deck only uses a single colour (which can’t be customised). In the trading card game, players usually use two, or sometimes three colours.

Even though these decks are limited, there are still a large number of weak to powerful cards available to collect in the game. There are several different colour decks in which you can earn extra (usually powerful) cards for defeating your enemy players.

For players who have not yet played the game, firstly.. I suggest you get the game, you should enjoy it! Secondly, you will very easily get used to the gameplay rules and strategic procedure due to the fact it’s not all that complicated. The tutorial available is an excellent introduction and will teach you the full rules of the game in about 15-20 minutes.

I will say this: Magic The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 presents magnificent value considering it’s price. The game will only cost you £7 on Steam (presumably $10/€10) and just slightly more on the PSN. The XBOX 360 version costs 800 Microsoft Points.

Let’s discuss about the aim: in this game, your job is to reduce your enemies life from 20 to 0. To do this, you have to cast a variety of spells and artifacts which power up your summoned creatures. The mana of your deck is the type of deck you will have and is related to the colour. For example, black mana will have a lot of offensive cards, while white mana will have defensive cards.

This game is not really geared towards hardcore Magic players, it is mostly a game for people new to series and does a lot of advertising for it’s new 2013 series decks (which we hope to review for you soon).

After completing the rather short campaign, you do it again in the more difficult REVENGE mode to earn more extra cards. Then, you proceed to play the multiplayer modes available.

The games UI is not great I must say. It is quite difficult to use and not very good graphically, however, card designs and special effects look excellent, so, overall, the graphics are quite good.

There is no doubt that for this low price, the game is worth a try. You should get at least 6-7 hours out of playing both the campaign and multiplayer modes which I found quite fun to play.

Sound effects and narration effects are excellent and I can’t really make any criticism there. Music is also great, so, the sound aspect of the game is close to flawless when taking into consideration the budget price.

Overall, I must say, this game is most certainly worth a try, especially for newcomers, but even for fans of the series. It’s low price means that even if you don’t like it, you won’t over-regret the purchase.

Thanks for reading, here are the scores: