Welcome back to another review in our special Magic: The Gathering feature, in which we are currently reviewing the new Theros line. Today, we have the Fat Pack, an item very popular with collectors and experienced players of the game. Read on if you want to learn more about what is involved with this product…

A fat pack is a great way for players of all experience levels to jump into the new expansion. It offers a deck of basic land cards along with NINE 15-card booster packs, to allow you to build a deck custom to your specifications. While the intro packs are a fantastic way to ‘pick up and play’ for a great price, a fat pack gives allows you to play with a more personal library.

Also included with the Fat Pack is a catalogue of cards, listing all the cards in the Theros series and giving some of their details; two deck boxes (themed around Theros, allowing you to store your decks) and a life counter (20-sided die). The 80 basic land cards included are split up between each of the five types and when mixed with some of the 135 cards from your booster packs (90 common, 27 uncommon, 9 land and 9 rare/mythic rare) allow you to create at least one powerful, custom tailored deck with a Theros theme. You will also have a nice setup of backup cards, and with the addition of a few extra boosters, or even an intro pack or two, you might be able to create a second, backup deck.

The box in which a fat pack is packed is great for card storage. It has plenty of room to carry all your decks, and with the addition of two deck boxes, it is very easy to segregate your decks by the set they are from (Theros in this case). There are a total of 229 cards in the Theros expansion, and with the 135 cards from the booster packs in the Fat Pack, you will have a great variation and selection of this lineup to carry with you as a collector or player.

This product is mainly aimed at collectors of Magic the Gathering (or players who also like collecting everything from the game) or people new to the game who would like to stock-up on some basic land cards, as well as a handy carrying case and two deck boxes. It is a very limited production item, so be sure to get yours before they go out of stock, as no more will be made! They are available to purchase now for approximately $39.99/€34.99/£29.99. Pickup yours before they go!