Today, we continue with our Magic: the Gathering feature, and we have a review of the Theros Event Deck, Inspiring Heroes, for you. This is one of the more advanced products in the Theros range, but is also a great way for you to pick up and play at a Theros event, or competition. A lot of rare cards are included with the deck, alongside some powerful common cards, making the product a great value option for people looking to play with a Theros-infused deck, or those looking to collect certain rare cards.

The event deck is a deck mainly aimed at those who want to go to a Magic: The Gathering event, pick up the latest event deck, and beginning playing immediately. The 60-card deck has an impressive line-up of powerful and strategic cards, and the included 15-card sideboard will allow you to customise the deck as you move from game to game, and think of new strategies. Also included is a live counter (20-sided die) along with a useful (in this case Theros-themed) box and some playing instructions.

The intro packs are aimed at beginners in the game, whereas the event decks are made to suit those with a little more experience. If you take a look at the card line-up below, you will see that there are some more complex land cards (non-basic lands) and advanced spells. The deck is a ready to play item, which combines cards from various sets to create a deck which can be manipulated by the player to form strategies of their own by use of just the main deck and sideboard themselves.

The main 60 card deck, which is a combination of island and plains (blue and white), contains 24 land cards, 25 creatures and 11 other spells. There is also a 15 card sideboard included in ‘Inspiring Heroes’, consisting of a variety of enchantment, instant and sorcery cards. The deck includes 10 rare cards. The full breakdown of cards can be seen below (rare cards in bold):

24 Lands:

4 x Azorius Guildgate
1 x Hallowed Fountain
5 x Island
14 x Plains

25 Creatures:

2 x Ascended Lawmage
2 x Banisher Priest
3 x Battlewise Hoplite
3 x Dryad Militant
1 x Fabled Hero
1 x Frontline Medic
3 x Hopeful Eidolon
2 x Imposing Sovereign
1 x Lavinia of the Tenth
3 x Lyev Skyknight
1 x New Prahv Guildmage
1 x Precinct Captain
1 x Skymark Roc
1 x Soldier of the Pantheon

11 Other Spells:

2 x Dauntless Onslaught
2 x Detention Sphere
2 x Gods Willing
1 x Ordeal of Heliod
2 x Ordeal of Thassa
2 x Pacifism

Sideboard (15 cards):

2 x Arrest
2 x Gainsay
2 x Gift of Orzhova
2 x Glare of Heresy
2 x Negate
3 x Solemn Offering
2 x Triton Tactics

Images and full descriptions of every card in this deck are available on the official Magic: The Gathering Theros Event Deck product page, which you can access by clicking here.

This deck, while aimed at experienced players, can also be a good way for new players to join. If you would like to learn how to the play the game at a more complex level right from the start, this deck is perfect for you. This iteration of the event deck, the THEROS event deck, is a particularly good choice for new players, especially when compared with past event decks, which were too advanced for non-experienced players.

Inspiring Heroes is available now for the price of just $24.99/~€24.99/~£19.99, which is absolutely outstanding value, considering the 10 rare cards included in the deck. These cards alone nearly make up the value of the asking price, without even considering the impressive selection of common cards which could be very useful in your deck. If you wish to have any of the bold cards above in rare form, you should definitely pick up an event deck. Looking to begin playing at a more advanced level than the intro pack offers, or just looking to collect Theros cards and MTG rares? This deck is also for you! Make sure you pick one up before they run out of stock!