Good afternoon everyone, it’s time for our review of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, released last week by EA and Danger Close. The game uses the same engine as the critically-acclaimed Battlefield 3, however, it unfortunately does not live up to the standard it was hyped to be.. read on for more…

Medal of Honor: Warfighter was marketed as a realistic war shooter and was claimed to be more accurate and true to genuine war conditions than other shooters which are available on the market. Unfortunately, the game is nothing close to this claim – in fact, it is even less realistic than it’s cousin, Battlefield 3.

The game’s single player campaign is boring and the exact same as what we’ve seen before… nothing new has been added to the mix and the game’s single player campaign just feels generic, unengaging and uninteresting. Warfighter’s campaign delivers nothing new and unique and really is not worth playing.

Fortunately for gamers who bought into the game, the multiplayer performance is a bit better, however, it still leaves much to be desired. One positive I will give Warfighter is in the multiplayer maps and game modes. The variety of nicely designed maps and game modes is good and the map design was not a lazy affair. Time was put into crafting each of the game’s seven maps and they are all well designed – while perhaps not quite as good as Battlefield 3’s offerings.

Unfortunately however, the game mechanics and UI do not deliver the quality expected of them and, overall, cause quite a bit of damage to your enjoyment of the game. The UI is a bit awkward to use and things can be a bit slow through the menu. Modifying your loadout is a slow process and can take some time to go through the menu. It isn’t quite up to scratch and doesn’t deliver what was expected from the game.

On the positive, once you are actually in the game and your loadout ready, the multiplayer is not too bad. Yes, there are some flaws, but, overall, multiplayer matches can be enjoyable and work (on the most part).

While it needs a lot more refinement, the Medal of Honor series is definitely on the track to becoming a great franchise and will eventually be close the standard of Call of Duty and Battlefield. While Warfighter’s campaign is terrible and the game is flawed by issues regarding UI and mechanics, I would not call the game a flop – there is still some enjoyment to be taken from the game, but, it is not worth it’s full RRP. If you can get the game at a reduced price (perhaps at 60% of the RRP) and you are a shooter fan, then purchase it.

Here are my final scores: