Memoria tells the story of two heroes and is a follow up to The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, developed by Daedalic Entertainment. The game uses unique gameplay, however, the story is where most of the action happens. Memoria is built upon a fantastic tale which can really be enjoyed if you invest your time in the game. Read on for our full review, and for more of an insight into Daedalic’s new title…

If you are looking for a budget PC title with an excellent story, Memoria is for you! The plot tells a fantasy tale filled with a lot of darkness and twists. Demons and goblins inhabit the environment, and special God-like characters rule over the people within. Once you begin playing this; you won’t be able to stop, the tale draws you in and doesn’t allow you to stop until you know the end of the story. Fantastic voice acting, well paced main story points, developed characters and chilling environments all add to the enjoyment.

Unfortunately the game is quite short. Between our few playthroughs, it took an average of 8 hours to complete the game. The problem with Memoria is that the game is so interesting that the time passes quickly, and is gone before you know it. This game could easily be played in one sitting, it has enough to keep the player gripped to the story. As we mentioned, the game follows on from Satinav, and a lot of the gameplay systems, items, inventory and puzzle types remain the same. Memoria also features dynamic dialogue, so the choices you make will affect the dialogue in future parts of the game.

Magic plays a large role in completing the puzzles in Memoria. We see that the team has taken steps to introduce new systems of solving puzzles through the use of this new asset. This helps keep the game fresh. I personally feel that the addition helps bring a bit more variety into Memoria compared to that of its predecessor. As we mentioned, the story is the primary focus of the game (and is what most people with enjoy most), so, we don’t really want to spoil any of the main plot points. We will, however, explain some of the backstory…

Princess Sadja and Geron are the two protagonists of Memoria. They both originate from different eras, however, Geron is tasked with completing an ancient puzzle which will help someone close to him. There are many other plot elements at play, but, as we said, we do not wish to ruin them. The story is fantastic, and I have no doubt that fans of single player, story-focused games will enjoy this title!

Now, when we said that the story was the focus, we didn’t mean that that was the only positive part of the game. One of the things that I love in a game is hand-drawn artwork, and, thankfully, this is what Memoria is built upon. I feel that hand drawn work brings a certain charm and atmosphere to a game, and really adds vividness and beauty to the graphical performance of the game. Memoria does this perfectly and creates stunning visual environments which really assist in bringing the game to life.

To conclude, Memoria is great. It has an engaging story, charming hand drawn graphics and the power to grip the player. What more could you want from a budget single player title?