METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE is, as Konami call it: ‘a different kind of Metal Gear game’. The game is obviously a spin-off from the main Metal Gear Solid story arc. REVENGEANCE takes a now direction and focuses on a different type of gameplay and separate story to the main Metal Gear series of games. Read on for the full review…

Konami had a different aim for this game and has ensured people know this is a spin-off, not a new release in the action-packed Metal Gear Solid series of games. The game incorporates elements of stealthy gameplay, quick reflexes and above all, a HACK AND SLASH combat model. The fact this is a spin-off title does not mean that it isn’t as action packed. On the contrary, the quick, fluid and frantic gameplay and combat in Revengeance is loaded full of action and impressive com

The control scheme and battle system has been excellently refined and is as easy to use as ever, with the basics only taking mere minutes to learn and the advanced combat being picked up through the player’s experience of the game. You begin to use your imagination to think up new ways to use moves in tandem to create killer combos and devise strategic plans to wade through the difficult boss fights (of which there are PLENTY).

You play as Raiden, a cyborg, however, you also have emotions, thoughts and a conscience. Raiden decides whether he thinks people should die, and in most cases, he says yes. He feels these people are hired to fight, so, if they fight to kill him, they deserve to die while attempting to take him down. Through the play, his conscience develops and he becomes an emotional character – his bloody past infects his mind.

Back to the topic of boss battles and their abundance within the game: each one is perfectly crafted and designed to test what the developers think you should have picked up by that stage within the game. It is very clear each one has been dedicatedly devised by the competent developers at Platinum Games. They are the most impressive element of this great game.

The plot is very simple to follow, though, as always, we’ll allow you to figure it out for yourself as you go, because a game is almost, on every occasion, more fun when you don’t know anything about the story before playing it. There also isn’t that much to it either, so, any information would probably ruin a large part of the game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace, while maybe not as anticipated as a new Metal Gear Solid game would have been, is still an excellent release by the reliable Konami and a worthy addition to the Metal Gear franchise of games. If you liked any Metal Gear games from the past, you will likely enjoy this game!