Hello everyone and welcome to our review of the Playstation Minis title Velocity. At a very cheap price, it brings an experience on par with something like Angry Birds; excellent in short bursts.

As this is only a minis title, we will only have a short review. I must say, Velocity is one of the best Minis on the Playstation store. It’s simple, interesting gameplay is very addictive, and the little novelty extras are great.

The game’s textures have a very retro feel and they look great, even upscaled to 1080P on PS3! The game looks great, I must say. Sound is also fantastic in the game, effects are nice and music is good for a title of this low price.

Overall, the game is an excellent choice if you want a little bit of fun gaming on the go at great value, here are the scores….

EDIT: Decided to boost the score a little, went back to it for a little more after reviewing and realised it was even better than I had previously reviewed. I’m boosting the score quite a bit, it really is a spectacular game for all to enjoy.