Hello everyone and welcome to another of the InsideTheBox SUMMER OF VITA reviews. Today we have a review of the PS VITA version of the beloved PS3 racing/customisation game. So, lets get on with the review….

The game has many modes. Of course, we have the single player campaign which involves you racing on pre-made tracks against AI racers to win certain championships. There are also side-quests in each race, which, if completed, give you additional items which can be used in making your own racer, kart and track.

After you work through the campaign, additional challenge races and online races against others are also available to you. However, the main focus of ModNation racers is the ability for you to create…

You can create your own custom character to use throughout the game, along with his own custom kart with different options for optimisation. If you feel you’ve created something outstanding, you can then upload it online for others to download and use… if you aren’t feeling that creative, you can use others people’s creations as your own character and kart.

You can also build custom tracks to use for races online and offline in the game. It is an excellent feature and allows you to create a track which suits your play style and design expertise. I enjoy creating huge slopes which allow you to effectively “fly” when you reach the top (due to the steepness of the slope).

So, we’ve established that excellent gameplay is a crucial part of this game and is executed perfectly, but, how does the game rank in other categories… I will explain.

The graphical component of the game is not spectacular. The graphics do look rather blurry and low-resolution in a lot of cases, however, they usually do the job. I have seen worse, but I have also seen a lot better…

In terms of sound, the effects in the game are realistic, well produced and fit the style of the game perfectly. Music is ok, however, it sometimes becomes repetitive.

You will get plenty of value from this game. It is one of the most perfect handheld games, due to the fact you can pick it up, make a track and play a race within the space of 20 minutes, and then turn it off. If you travel often, it is the perfect companion for short-medium journeys.

So, that’s more or less all I have to say about the game. Again, it’s a great handheld game and is most certainly worth a purchase, due to the Vita’s limited game line-up.. here are the scores: