Today we have a review of the Monopoly limited token edition. This version was created to commemorate the event held last year in which fans voted for a new token to be be introduced into standard Monopoly, with one of the old ones remove. Read on for more of our review of this special edition of Monopoly, which is the final of our board game week reviews…

This special edition of Monopoly includes all the classic Monopoly pieces, in addition to the five new pieces in the vote. This set is a perfect way to be able to own special gold versions of all the tokens, including the four which never made it to normal Monopoly. The cat was the winner of the vote and replaced to iron, so, the cat is now available in standard Monopoly.

The board, cards, cash and dice are the same as the original, standard Monopoly game. This game does include the recently introduced Monopoly speed die, which is an optional element of the game. As anyone who regularly plays Monopoly will know, the game takes time, and the speed die is there as an option to speed up the game.

This version of Monopoly can be found online for only slightly more than the standard version of Monopoly, so, why not pay the couple of pound extra to get this special edition with the gold tokens. Technically, this also increases the possible number of players to thirteen (since there are now thirteen tokens), however, a 13 player game would be quite crazy and I’m not sure if there would be enough money in the bank to cover the needs, however, you could add your own if you had another version of Monopoly.

Overall, there isn’t much else to say about this version. I think it is a great buy because for only a few extra pounds you can own a limited edition version of Monopoly with five extra tokens not available in the normal version, bringing to a total of thirteen, each of them being crafted in a shiny gold colour. This is a definite recommendation, especially if you are considering buying the standard version of Monopoly. If you enjoy Monopoly (particularly the original version), you will enjoy with version.