Some of the promised InsideTheBox user features have just launched. You can now register for the site, earn points, comment, vote on polls and, from tomorrow (15th May) you will be able to contact us for support services and see the most recent comments in the sidebar.

MyInsideTheBox is our new service which awards you points for using the site. As you gather points, you will level up in “ranks” and eventually we will add more ranks. Some of the features have been added today, however, some exciting features are yet to be launched and announced.

Some of the features we do guarantee will be coming very soon are;

  • PointsLog
  • Rewards for Points
  • Private Messages
  • Guest Blogging
  • User Profiles with Walls
  • Possible PSN/Xbox account linking..

To register for my InsideTheBox, click here now. Enjoy your time on MyInsideTheBox and please comment as much as possible, we appreciate it!