This evening, we finally bring you our review of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and apologise for our delay in sourcing a copy of the game. Most Wanted is the most recent entry into the highly popular racing game, Need for Speed. Read on for our evaluation of the game and find out what new features make Most Wanted an essential title for major racing fans…

Need for Speed is the most popular high-speed multiplatform racing series of games, however, the series adopt of more informal, street racing approach, rather than professional racing such as in Gran Turismo. This entry into the NFS series is the most social yet; every single special action your friends do in their game becomes a challenge within your game. You are shown your friend’s scores in certain cases (such as speed while passing speed cameras) and encouraged to break this.

The new simple, in-game menu system is a delight and easily and quickly allows you to find races, edit your vehicle, view leaderboards and make many other alterations. There are a wide range of beautifully designed vehicles in the game which are unlocked by driving up to a car of one of the Most Wanted or other randomly placed vehicles and completing a button sequence/holding gas & brake.

The game has many races and encourages you to take part in both small and large street races. You earn points for your wins and these then allow the unlock of races against the Most Wanted. Your objective in the game is to race your way to the top of the leaderboard of the Most Wanted drivers. The whole system works great and makes the game feels like less of a linear experience than other racing games provide.

Graphically, the game looks fantastic. The world is designed very nicely and all the car models are detailed, accurate and vivid. The graphical department will certainly please those who are highly focused on their game purchasing having a high standard of graphical quality.

The Playstation Vita version of the game is also a stunning piece of work. It is almost exactly identical to the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases of the game, which shows the Vita’s potential of bringing the high standard of console games to the handheld market – that power is not available anywhere else.

The game is a huge update compared with the other Need for Speed titles which came before Most Wanted, with the new social features being perfectly implemented into the game. The UI and race systems are a joy to use and the game has presented most of its promised features perfectly!