Good evening all, we have a review of New Little King’s Story, a PS Vita exclusive title. The original game was released on the Wii, but suffered a lack of sales despite being an excellent title – it just was not known about by enough potential consumers. The sequel has been released and is just as good, and, in some areas, even better than the original.

New Little Kings Story is a direct sequel to the original, following on from where it left off. It is not necessary that you play the original first as it will not have any benefit whatsoever to your enjoyment of this title.

The game features the concept of developing your own kingdom – earning money to build structures and landmarks, expanding to a wider population, saving princesses and fighting enemies. You can also gather a group of followers by walking up to villagers and pressing a button – it’s a very simple system which allows you to speed up building and wood cutting and earn money. The villagers require that you assign a particular job class to them, such as a wood-chopper or guard. This will allow them to build experience in their area and develop their skills.

The controls are very simple and allow you to play the game with major ease. They are arranged in a very systematic way, a button allows you to deploy troops another to call back all troops and another to recruit troops.

New Little King’s Story does not really have a plot – rather, it gives you ideas on what you can do next, allowing you to choose how you develop your own, personal world. Slowly you begin to find new ways to earn money and new things you can do in your kingdom.

Graphically, the game looks beautiful. During dialogue box scenes, gorgeous 2D sprites of the characters are shown. On the PS VITA screen, these sprites look absolutely stunning and the vivid colours stand out. In the game however, slightly blurry, but still lovely cartoon 3D character models and buildings are used.

The game stands out as being an excellent performer in the graphical department, however, the game does occasionally suffer frame-rate drops, but, this does not have a major impact and I do not consider it to be a major defect.

Cartoon style sound effects and music are great compliments to the graphical style and do not sound like the generic sound effects. Dialogue is rarely used, only the occasional word or mutter, however, like most handheld games without dialogue, this does not deteriorate the experience one bit.

Overall, New Little Kings Story is an excellent choice which should be part of any PS VITA fan’s catalogue of titles. Here are the final scores: