Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a unique slapstick game which will definitely give you a few laughs in return for your time. The story is a very lighthearted one, with little-to-no seriousness involved. When you match this up with the unique (and sometimes frustrating & funny) and mechanics, you get a game which is pure joy to play for any comedy aficionado.

The game tells the ridiculous story of an octopus who is trying to be a man, and has been doing so without success for 10 years. As you try to master his movements (L2 and R2 being mapped to his legs), you will realise why. The difficultly of moving Octodad is an integral part of the gameplay experience and adds to the overall appeal. You may become angry and frustrated as it takes you five minutes to open a door, but try to think of how ridiculous and funny watching this is.

The game is short (and can be completed in a few hours), but this is intentional. The game wants you to play it in bite-sized chunks of maybe 30 minutes a pop, so as not to break your controller from frustration. By the time you return, your patience will have restored and you will be ready to endure another short session. The overall aim of the game is to try show you why an octopus cannot be a man, and, by the time you are finished, you will have first hand experience in the field.

As you begin the game, you won’t find it too difficult to navigate the world. It may be a slightly tedious task, but nothing too anger-inducing. However, as you progress to the later stages, you will begin to find true tests of your patience. One thing Octodad is great for, is an audience. Even those you know who have no interest in games will likely watch on in awe at Octodad as he destroys everything in sight with his clumsiness. It is a hilarious experience for anyone to observe.

The music in the game is another excellent element which you should enjoy. The theme song of the game is fantastic, and is so well suited to the game. As you would expect with such odd mechanics, there are times when Octodad gets stuck in the environment, but personally, I think this just adds to the humour of the game. This lighthearted, charming adventure is one you should certainly try if you want a few short bursts of interactive comedy.

In addition to the short campaign (and its associated difficult levels), there is also a co-op mode present in the game to add additional value. This co-op mode consists of two players controlling Octodad simultaneously, one taking control of the legs while the other masters the arms. It is a crazy mode which can result in some huge laughs while playing with a friend. Some time trial modes and additional bonus games have been added to further enhance the experience. When all of this is packaged together, I think Octodad offers enough to justify the price tag.