One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is the sequel to the popular Pirate Warriors, released exclusively for the Playstation 3, developed by Tecmo Koei and published by Namco Bandai. Pirate Warriors 2 is a fighting game, but not really in the traditional sense; it is much more fun! Read on for our full review of this enjoyable Playstation exclusive title…

As you can see, the game takes a lot of inspiration from classic Japanese anime, and stays true to its style. Pirate Warriors 2 is part of the long running One Piece series, which has a HUGE following and always sells very well, especially in the Asian market. Pirate Warriors 2 takes the gameplay in the original to a new level, and fulfils everything fans of the series wanted in a new One Piece game. This game truly has been made to perfection, and offers outstanding amounts of fun in its gameplay.

Koei took the original Pirate Warriors game and removed everything that was not liked, and amplified the parts that players found so fun. They made a number of enhancements and improvements, and, of course, gave the animation quality a little bump, but, overall, not a huge amount has changed. Pirate Warriors was so well received by the fans of the series, that it made it difficult to have bring the sequel up to par with the original. Somehow, Koei managed to top it, and make PW2 even more fun! This title focuses ENTIRELY on fighting, and removes everything else. The game is comprised solely of you taking on hordes of enemies and completing objectives. It sounds tiresome, but it stays fun the whole way through.

Enemies arrive in batches of hundreds, and, through the use of intuitive and smartly planned combo moves, you can take out massive chunks of these enemies through one combination attack. The same protagonist fans know and love returns, but we also see some of the favourite characters from the series return to the game. There are a variety of characters, each of whom have their pros and cons, but all are just as fun as the last to play with.

The game itself consists of Pirate’s Log, the main story; Crew Episodes, bonus side adventures and online multiplayer & challenge modes. The main story shines the most, however, each other option is extremely fun to play too. The whole game is made to the same high quality standard, so don’t expect the enjoyment to dip suddenly; the team made sure that the game stayed faithful to what the fans wanted the entire way through – and boy did they have a job, with the main story clocking in at 30 hours! I’m relatively new to the One Piece series, and I can say, without a doubt, Pirate Warriors 2 is a great place to begin. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the series to enjoy, whereas some of the previous titles are more suited to experienced players of the series.

The anime is fantastic; the environment is immersive, vivid and very charming. Character models are crafted to perfection, and look just as you would expect in authentic Japanese anime. The team really pulled out all the stops when crafting this outstanding but charm-filled world. Audio is equally as impressive; with the sound effects and score being stylish and very enjoyable, and matching in perfectly with the design ethos and One Piece roots. You can easily become totally absorbed in the world of Pirate Warriors 2, and its characters. The world really is PERFECT.

I can say, without a doubt, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is the best place to start as a One Piece player, but it also the superb game that fans of the series wanted. I would almost say that it is the best release in the One Piece series of games. The game is a blast to play, and oozes fun and charm. You’ll definitely want to pick up this Playstation-exclusive gem!