As you all know, we don’t do film reviews all too often here at InsideTheBox, however, as a personal lover of horror, I could not resist the temptation of going to the Paranormal Activity 4 press screening.. so, this evening, we bring you the review of Paramount’s major profit maker…

NOTE: This review contains some spoilers.

Paranormal Activity 4 is a sequel to the second film and continues on from the previous plot. Katie took Hunter and left, off to an unknown place. Their whereabouts remained unknown.. however, Hunter plays a part in this movie; adopted son of a relatively wealthy family. He does not know of his previous identity until it is revealed to him later in the film.

A strange child from across the street, Robbie, appears around the house during the night. Hunter’s step-sister in his adoptive family finds this creepy and begins to monitor him. We do not want to ruin any more of the plot, however, it does get quite interesting, so, that’s one merit I must give the film.

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman return as directors of the film, however, very few members of the previous cast reappear in this film. As Paranormal Activity is a low budget movie series, most of the cast names will not be recognisable by the majority of the audience.

A nice trick used in the movie is the use of a Microsoft KINECT to create a pattern of green dots covering the room when a night-vision webcam is used to record nighttime activities in the house. It’s an excellent trick which adds nicely to the creepiness of the film.

The movie is recorded mostly by handheld cameras, which provides a very nice effect to increase the eeriness of the film. There is romance between two young adults in the movie, which is cute to watch, however, it does not materialise as we pass along through the film.

Paramount makes quite a profit from the Paranormal Activity series. The low-budget, little equipment filming allows for a cheaply-made effective and enjoyable film. Each entry in the series has costed onlyf $15,000 (1) to $5,000,000 (3) while raking in over $200,000,000 for Paramount – a real profit for the company.

While the first three Paranormal Activity movies were excellent, Paranormal Activity 4 just is not as scary as the original three films. It has an interesting plot and is made well, however, it lacks the scare factor present in the original three films. I believe that Paramount should spend a little more money on the series to allow directors to innovate and have more freedom on what to do within the movie.