Perixx is a company which primarily focuses on keyboards and mice, but also have a range of graphics tablets and touchpads, however, they are known mostly for their gaming mice (and recently, gaming keyboards). Established in 2006, the company is centered in Germany. They provided us with an MX-3000B mouse samples for review, which we will take a look at today…

The MX3000 has a very unique appearance, as you can see from the images in the review. This is not the actual design of the mouse, it is merely painted on, however, it can look extremely realistic, especially in pictures of the mouse, so, you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering if that was the actual mouse design. The mouse itself is very well built, and, as mentioned, the paint job is superb and of the highest quality.

One of the nice features that Perixx has included with this mouse is the ability to change its weight, something you will usually only see from very expensive high-end gaming mice. A small box of metal weights is included within the packaging, and these metal weights can be slot into a barrel under the mouse, similar to how bullets would be inserted into the barrel of a revolver. DPI can be adjusted on the fly using buttons on the mouse. As advertised, DPI settings can be adjusted all the way up to 8200, and profiles can be edited using the included software. LEDs on the mouse are bright, well placed and very stylish.

In terms of design, the mouse fits into the hand with a firm grip and is shaped well for a variety of grips and hand sizes. We tested the mouse over long gaming sessions, and it was comfortable to use for the duration of the session. The mouse is suitable mainly for right-handed gamers, although I personally am left handed and found no problems using it. This may, however, be due to the fact I have become accustomed to using right-handed mice with my left hand for testing purposes.

The mouse works well on a variety of surfaces, even those which may not be recommended for use with a mouse (such as carpet). We tested the mouse across a wood desk (with and without a mouse mat), on a tiled floor, on a carpeted floor, on a glass table and finally on a cardboard box. The mouse was able to sufficiently function on all of the surfaces, although some would not be optimal for gaming. Even if you did have to use one of the worst surfaces on the list, you would likely still be able to use the mouse for almost all tasks.

The click buttons on the mouse feel great, and, in my opinion, have the correct pressure/feedback. The scroll wheel is smooth and performs accurately, yet unfortunately does not have side-to-side scrolling. I found that the DPI buttons were not well placed, and required quite a bit of effort and movement to press when using the mouse. If you were using the mouse for gaming, and needed to change the DPI quickly, you might find that the button is too difficult to reach for extremely quick use, and that you would need you move your hand slightly, not just a finger. It isn’t a huge caveat as the majority of people wouldn’t switch DPI often enough for it to become bothersome, but, it is something to keep in mind.

The outer packaging of the mouse is nice, and looks like a premium product. The magnetic lid allows you to see the mouse before buying it, so, if you are unsure about the shape, try to find this product at retail and you’ll be able to get a better idea. The mouse cable is nicely braided, and is of high enough quality that it should not deteriorate, become damaged or tear, even over a long lifetime of normal use. On the systems we tested, the mouse functioned immediately after connection; no driver installation was needed.

The mouse is currently available on Amazon UK at the fantastic price of £27.99 and on Amazon US at $34.99 and is sold directly by Perixx (both prices are at time of writing). At that price, the mouse is fantastic value, and, despite having a few problems, none are major, so the mouse definitely deserves a silver award.