A PS2 game critically acclaimed for being a spectacular piece of gaming expertise; Persona 4, the Japanese role-playing game developed by Atlus and released back in 2008 has been REMASTERED for a Playstation Vita release and is available now in Europe as Persona 4 Golden (P4G). Read on for the full review and details on the upgrade to PS Vita.

Persona 4 is a fantastic story about murder. You move into a Japanese town, staying with your uncle for a year. The town is gripped by a series of cruel murders as teenagers continue to be found dead with a mysterious connection to the clearance of fog in the region. Teenagers in the area become worried and your uncle becomes more and more busy (as a detective) with continued investigations to attempt to catch the culprit.

The game has its own time and weather systems, with a calender being used in game in addition to different times of the day which symbolise the progression of the story. The game adjusts according to your choices of what to do throughout each day, you may miss out on some important news or something key to the story but you also may bypass something trivial by choosing not to explore certain places.

You begin to realise the murders are connected to the TV and the ‘TV World’ is discovered. Characters go missing in the TV world and will only remain there for one week during which you must rescue them. You lose the game if you do not rescue the character before the end of the week and will be forced to return to the week prior to the appearance of the fog. The fog remains in the city for the duration of the week during which the person is missing and will signal to the player how long they have remaining to rescue the missing character (through watching the weather forecast).

The RPG also has a great battle system, fusing both an intriguing story and combat into the one game. You must also attend school in the game and will be tested by the teacher, so, the game has many different aspects of gameplay and varies between its focus throughout the progress of the story, keeping it feeling fresh the entire way through the game.

The new Vita update adds many things over the PS2 original, including highly enhanced graphics – cutscenes look fantastic and general gameplay is an improvement over the PS2 original, almost to the point where the game could almost be thought to be a native Vita game developed with its screen and resolution in mind. A new side story and online interaction system have also been added for the PS Vita version.

P4G is a rather ‘different’ title and cannot really be compared to most of the JRPGs released. The dialogue is awkward and lacking in places, but this fits into the story and is akin to how you would assume a teenager to act when in a city of continuous murders and experiencing extraordinary circumstances. Voice acting is great and match the awkward dialogue perfectly. The game will take a long time to complete and remains enjoyable throughout the majority of the story, so, the title is an excellent release for the Vita and should prove to be of good value.