This evening we bring you our second review in our SOCCER MANIA WEEKEND on InsideTheBox, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. The game is FIFA’s main competitor, however, has it done enough to beat EA’s cash-hauling franchise? Let’s find out….

PES 2013 boasts updated physics, AI and play accuracy and ability, however, does it live up to it’s goal of being as realistic as FIFA? Unfortunately not. While some of the long-standing fans of PES will stick to their franchise, Konami has not yet produced the game which will convert FIFA fans.

If you have both games, the first thing you’ll notice is the reduced quality of graphics present in PES. PES 2013 does not deliver the same bright, vivid, realistic appearance which EA Sports have worked hard towards perfecting in FIFA. AI is also an area where PES is lacking in comparison to what FIFA 13 can deliver to it’s fans. The opposition do not react as realistically as they do in FIFA.

It’s not all bad in PES though, the game does beat FIFA in a few areas. The ease of executing special moves, tricks, tactics, defensive procedures and dribbling is something which stands out in PES. The use of the right trigger (R2 or RT) gives access to these special moves and their execution can be completed in a much simpler fashion than in FIFA 13. PES definitely wins in terms of controls.

Another of the areas where PES wins is in terms of options and settings. While FIFA has many more modes available for the user, PES allows almost everything within the game can be customised to suit the user. This level of customisation is just not available in FIFA 13. FIFA definitely wins when game modes and variety is concerned, but PES wins in customisation.

I must criticise PES 2013 for it’s commentary. The commentators and variety of phrases available in the game are just not up to scratch for a football game. Comments are constantly repeated and there is a serious lack of depth, the game really does not deliver a realistic commentary for matches and it actually becomes quite annoying to hear the phrases repeated and repeated.

A variety of new moves have been added to PES 2013 and these can all be accessed and practiced in the training area. They do add a new layer of depth and realism to play, however, some of them are quite glitchy – they are a step in the right direction though.

Several of the modes in FIFA have been replicated in the game, however, the game just cannot match the same detailed, comprehensive variety and quality in FIFA’s multiple game modes, especially the very popular ULTIMATE TEAM mode.

To leave you with my final comments on the game: PES is getting closer to FIFA with it’s 2013 entry with more advanced AI and a better variety of moves, however, it still cannot match the variety and comprehensive package offered by FIFA 13 – but, it’s the next best thing and by far the best PES game yet! Here are the final scores: