PopCap brought us an excellent online multiplayer game earlier in the year when they released Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare on the Xbox One & Xbox 360. Soon after, rumours the game was coming to the PS4 began to surface, and here we are.

While much of this review can be taken from our Xbox One/Xbox 360 review, there have been a number of changes to the game.

Firstly, even with the introduction of new variations on the original characters (Chester Cheetah, Berry Shooter etc) the game has still remained greatly balanced. The online multiplayer is one of the most well-balanced systems I have seen in any game, which is impressive in one way and worrying in another.

Garden Warfare on PS4 includes a number of new game modes right out of the box. While Gardens & Graveyards, Team Vanquish and Garden Ops all make a return, we also see the addition of classic variations of the original modes, Zomboss Down, Suburbination and more. Fourteen maps are available on which players can play these modes.

Graphically, the PS4 gains slight benefit from an upgrade to 1080p from the 900p resolution initially used on the Xbox One. While it doesn’t give a massive upgrade, the game does look noticeably more vivid and clear.

Overall, the PS4 release of the game presents minor improvements over the Xbox One version and is certainly the better version overall, but not by much. One thing is for certain however; PS4 fans who have been waiting for some Garden Warfare action will not be disappointed!