Hi everyone! Welcome to InsideTheBox’s new SUMMER OF VITA campaign. As we explained, over the next 5-6 weeks, we will be featuring 3-5 PS VITA reviews EVERY week, giving you an insight into the best games on this powerful machine!

Today, we have a review of one of the favourite games in recent teams, available on almost every platform, Plants vs Zombies. I must tell you, this game never looses it’s charm. Every version of the game released has been excellent (bar the Nintendo DS version which had many flaws), and this stays true for the PS VITA version.

The graphical sprites are BEAUTIFUL. The art style and colour stands out in amazing depth and vividness on the spectacular VITA screen, which has been put to good use by the SOE and PopCap teams behind the game. I cannot make any criticism about the graphical quality, not one sprite, background or UI element looks pixelated or sharp, it is perfect (the only word which describes it).

So, for anyone not familiar with Plants vs Zombies, (firstly, get this game now!) I will run you through the basics of play. The objective of the game is to defend your house (with you in it) from a zombie attack. You do this using a variety of plants and mushrooms which cost different amounts of sun to plant. You collect this sun as it falls from the sky, and, also, from your sunflower plants.

You continue to build offenses and defenses to try survive the zombie onslaught. As a last line of defense, on each of your columns, you have a lawnmower at the end. If a zombie reaches it, the lawnmower will run over all zombies in that column, however, this now leaves you defenseless until you plant more plants.

The game also packs an endless survival mode, many puzzle games and mini-games including; zom-botany, wall-nut bowling, slot machine and 17 others! Really, this game is charming and is one of the best offerings from an indie-developer (PopCap was indie at that time).

Another thing I love about the game is the music. The theme song will make you smile every time you hear it, it’s very memorable and, personally, I love it. In terms of sound, the game features great zombie sound effects and attack sounds from plants, however, Crazy Dave, the only other human character you interact with, is quite a funny addition to the game.

“Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies” are items which you can buy from his shop with money collected from zombies. The range from very useful items such as extra plant slots and upgraded plants to not so useful items (disposable) such as the garden rake.

Overall, this game is spectacular. If you haven’t played Plants vs Zombies before, this game is ESSENTIAL for your PS VITA system, and, if you have played it before, you will still enjoy this game and it’s beautiful graphics, so, it is well worthy of a purchase!

So, I think that’s enough from us, we shall leave you with the scores and then you can head off to buy this masterpiece of a game! Here are the scores: