Good evening all! This time we have a review of the second Pokemon accessory game to be released alongside Pokemon Black and White 2, Pokedex 3D Pro. This version of the Pokedex brings full, comprehensive data on every Pokemon ever invented (all 649 of them). Read on for our full analysis and review of this 3DS eShop title…

Pokedex 3D Pro is a much more comprehensive application than you would expect. As you browse through each individual Pokemon, not only are you given stats about their type, attack, defense, speed, height, weight and abilities, you are also shown their evolution patterns, which types they are effective against (split into damage x0,x0.5,x1,x2 categories) and EVERY MOVE THEY CAN LEARN – including by leveling, by TM and by Tutor. I am surprised so much effort was put into this and the fact each and every move that can be learned by any given Pokemon is shown is quite impressive.

Separate from the included Pokedex is the MOVE DEX, which shows every Pokemon Move in existence, whether it by a TM, tutor move or exclusive to a single Pokemon. The page for each move shows its power, accuracy, PP, type and range – as well as showing every Pokemon that can learn it and the method to go about getting it. The system is very impressive and really can be useful as a companion for Pokemon; use your DS for Pokemon and have the 3DS on hand for Pokedex 3D Pro.

Graphically, the 3D models of each Pokemon are lovely to look at and each has been very carefully created. For an app of this price, I think it is clear that they would not produce 649 models of this quality just for the application… I feel it must mean there is a dedicated 3DS Pokemon game coming. Whether it will be a third-gen remake or a new game entirely, we will have to wait and see.

There are also some other novelty features included such as a pokemon quizzes, records of your browsing and an AR viewer. Overall, it is clear a lot of effort went into the development of this very useful guide to the Pokemon universe, however, the price point is just too high for an application of this type, especially given the information can be found elsewhere. There are many Wikis available and Serbii also provides most of this information free of charge.

If you are a huge Pokemon fan and want this item – you probably won’t regret the purchase. However, I cannot recommend purchasing a download of Pokedex 3D Pro due to the price point, unless you are seriously dedicated to the Pokemon series of games.

SCORE: 6.5 (good)