The XY series of Pokemon TCG cards introduced mega-evolutions, fairy-type Pokemon and more, following the success these items saw in the video games. Furious Fists is the latest expansion to add more of these popular new elements to the series in a bid to freshen up a format which hadn’t changed drastically in the past. Today, we will be looking at the new theme decks and booster packs released in the Furious Fists set.

For those not familiar with the Pokemon TCG, decks must have a minimum of 60 cards to be valid. The new theme decks released in the Furious Fists expansion are perfect for beginners and deck builders, as they have well-rounded card lists based around good themes. Consisting of 60 cards each, the decks can be pushed into immediate play or boosted with some extra additional cards for creation of a powerful deck.

The entire Furious Fists set contains 111 cards to collect, many of which you will need to find through the expansion’s booster packs. Each theme deck will assist in this, as they include a card checklist, allowing you to keep track of your collection. The Dark Hammer deck is based around the Pokemon Pangoro and the dark and fighting types while Enchanted Echo focuses on Sylveon and the fairy and grass types. Each deck includes damage counters, a coin, a deck-box, an online redeemable code and a two-player game mat.

As always, the cards are beautiful printed and the hand-drawn artwork is exceptional. The token cards of both decks are printed as rare cards, however, the common cards in the remainder of the deck also look excellent. Both decks are excellently built, and are powerful even straight out of the box. Enchanted Echo is the better of the two theme decks in my opinion, including Tornadus and Leafeon among the excellent lineup of cards. However, if you like fighting and dark Pokemon, Dark Hammer is also a fantastic deck.

The Furious Fists booster packs add both Mega Heracross-EX and Mega Lucario-EX to the TCG as new mega-evolutions. Many new EX cards have also been introduced in this set, however, none are present in the theme decks. The theme decks and booster packs contain a redeemable code which can be used to unlock the equivalent in the online game, ie. the virtual theme deck or a virtual booster pack. This set introduces some Gen VI Pokemon which previously were not available in the TCG.

Overall, Furious Fists is a great new expansion to the Pokemon TCG and the theme decks are definitely worth picking up, especially if you are new to the series. The booster packs also offer the possibility of selecting some great cards, so, if you are a Pokemon fan, you should definitely invest in some Furious Fists packs!