We bring you our second review of the day, this time it’s for LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES. The game was released one week ago, however, I am the only author on the site, so, there was a bit of a delay in bringing you the review, sorry about that!

Anyway, almost all of us have played a LEGO game once, some people take to them as a casual game, however, many hardcore gaming fans may dismiss them as “rubbish”. Some of the LEGO games have been better than others over the years, but they all have that unique feeling that no other games deliver.

One of the main features of the LEGO series of games is collecting “studs” which almost serve as a currency.. I myself have OCD when it comes to making sure I collect every item of value in a game, so, I spend TOO much time breaking everything in LEGO games to collect studs. If I miss something collectible in the game, I often feel annoyed about it and have to go back and play that level.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is no exception to the usual LEGO game feeling.. actually, I’d nearly go as far as saying it’s one of the best LEGO games to date. The main attraction to me is it’s graphics… the character models and environment are BEAUTIFULLY designed. All textures are crisp, high quality, colourful and bright and are a pleasure to the eye (Keep in mind, this review was for PS3, so, MOBILE devices may not have as high quality graphical textures).

Lex Luther is campaigning for PRESIDENT in this game, and the title features its own custom written storyline especially for use in the game. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes brings back all your favourite characters from the Batman franchise, all with STUNNING character models – especially Robin, he has a particularly nice character model in the game, the red in his costume is very vivid.

This is the very first LEGO game ever produced which packs a fully voiced story. Previously, LEGO games had little or no dialogue, but, with DC Super Heroes, a full voice cast was hired to record dialogue to fit in with the story. It really does do wonders to improve the game and make the story interesting the entire way through!

This is one of the most interesting, engaging and enjoyable LEGO games yet. Most of the previous LEGO games were partially enjoyable, however, they lacked a unique story and most only loosely followed a story at all!

Another positive thing about the game is it’s mechanics and fluidity. The controls are excellent, I haven’t noticed a single glitch and everything works almost perfectly. Characters move fluidly, in-game cutscenes are great and generally, it’s a superb production.

There are plenty more good things this game brings; new in-level saves work excellently and were not available previously in most LEGO games. LEGO Harry Potter, Star Wars and others did not have an mid-level save feature; it makes the game perfect for short bursts of gameplay.

There are some minor problems with the game. Oddly, the game will not allow you to move whilst it autosaves (eg. after you get a gold brick), which is very strange. Other than that there are a few tiny problems, however, they are so small they are not worth mentioning, they will hardly be noticed.

The game took me about 10-11 hours (however, as I mentioned, I smash everything for studs) but that was without replaying any levels. If you don’t waste time stud hunting, it might only take you about 8 hours to complete the 15 level story without replaying each chapter. If you want to 100% the game, collecting every gold brick and collectible, however, the game should keep you well over 20 hours.

My closing comments: this is one of THE most polished LEGO games yet, it provides an enjoyable story, and, if you like collecting, you should get over 20 hours out of the game. Here are the scores: