VooFoo studios have been hard at work behind the scenes to be the first developer to bring a pool game to the PS4. Today, they present Pure Pool. Published by Ripstone, Pure Pool is a very similar game to the PS3 title Hustle Kings (also developed by VooFoo). However, is this new title worth the purchase?

Well, if you are a fan of Hustle Kings, you will certainly enjoy Pure Pool. Both games play close to identically in terms of physics, controls and appearance. However, a few tweaks have been made to the game which make the game feel more like a true pool experience, which we assume is the reasoning for the name “Pure Pool”.

The game is based around a career mode which increases in difficulty as you progress. However, as you progress you must also partake in challenges which involve either time based tasks (eg. clearing a table within a time limit) or performing a type of trick shot. Completion of these tasks will earn stars based on your performance, which then allow access to the next tier after collecting a certain number of them. This can be quite difficult to do, as it means you must be very accurate with your trick shots and as quick as possible on time-based challenges.

We did experience some connection issues when trying to use the online matches, leagues and challenges. Unfortunately, the game does not appear to be very stable when played online; hopefully this is something which will be addressed in future updates. You are able to face an AI version of your friends online (similar to Drivatar in Forza 5) when they are not around, which is a fun novelty. Local pass-the-controller multiplayer is also available and very fun to play (of course, each player can also play with their own controller if you have enough controllers).

Unfortunately, there are very few unlockable items in the game. If you level up enough (from gaining XP within games), you will increase in rank which will in turn unlock new pool cues to use. However, there are no other items available to unlock within the game. So, if you are a completionist, this game may not satisfy you for a very long time.

One thing which has been removed from the game is the top-down play mode. You can no longer view the table from a top-down view, and if you wish to survey the entire table, you can hold down a button which allows you to stand. You cannot take shots from this position, however. This makes the game more of a “pure” way of playing pool, as in reality, you would not be able to play pool from a top-down view. This is one change which I believe is positive if you are looking for a true-to-life pool experience.

Pure Pool is certainly a game you will enjoy if you are a pool enthusiast. The game features excellent physics, ambient pub-themed backgrounds, great music and lovely graphics. However, some of the changes may dishearten certain players. Also, it has just been announced that Sony (along with xDev) will be bringing the original Hustle Kings to PS4 as a free-to-play title (with unlocks), so, this may be something which could go up against Pure Pool. That being said, if you want a great pool game to play right now on PS4, Pure Pool is certainly a worthwhile purchase, despite the online issues and lack of unlockable items.