One of the key developers of Portal has been working on a new titles with the studio Airtight Games.. that game has finally been released and is known as QUANTUM CONUNDRUM. We are here today to give you our thoughts on this dimensional twisting game..

The game’s story focuses around the story of a little girl who is staying with her crazy uncle, Professor Quadwrangle. She is instantly called forward to him, having to press a series of buttons in the process.

Now, as soon as I began the game… I found the mouse cursor movement very strange and instantly had to turn down mouse cursor speed quite a large amount, however, it still didn’t completely fix the problem. I don’t know how to really explain the mouse cursor movement, there is almost a lag as the cursor moves while the camera shakes slightly.

I also had to turn off motion blur (which is checked by default) as I found it very difficult to play with. Now, back to the story… as you begin, you press a series of buttons to open doors in a tutorial form, to get you familiar with the controls.

Very quickly, problems escalate and the fate of the world in your dimension is at stake. The professor invented a new device called the IDS (Interdimensional Shift Device) which allows you to travel between different dimensions… however… he managed to get himself trapped and he wants you, a very young girl, to save him.

The storyline is simple enough to follow and puzzles shouldn’t seem overly difficult to most. The game does provide a lot of guidance, so, you won’t be thinking for an hour about what you must do next.

There is a good amount of humour injected into the dialogue, some of it is genuinely funny and will cause you to laugh, however, othertimes, it won’t be quite as hilarious. The professor is quite the comedian though, but, I fTeel he will be a bit like Marmite to players.

The primary source of humour in the game is the different appearance of elements as you change dimension. When you travel from one dimension to another, all the items around you will change, along with the portraits of the professor, so, look out for those!

The graphical quality of the title is rather impressive. The textures are extremely colourful and have a very nice animated style which is a nice alternate twist to the usual use of the Unreal Engine 3.

I haven’t noticed any pixelated graphical textures, so, everything I have noticed has been almost flawless in the graphical aspect of the game. I do like the change in art style to the usual presentation of games using this engine.

Dialogue, is of course, a key part of any game and this game does not fail to deliver good dialogue. The professors lines and comments can often be very funny and certainly are excellently presented for the low price of this game.

Without a doubt, this game is well worth the low price it sells for, at only £10 ($15), it gives you at least seven hours of gameplay if you play it all the way through. It is certainly one of the more entertaining and humourous titles to be released at it’s price range in recent months.

Another point I will make about the game, the customisation of controls is great. Some games now (especially at this price) provide a fixed set of controls, however, this game lets you customise everything from keyboard keys to gamepad sensitivity. I do like the availability to customise every aspect of the control system to suit every players’ taste.

For my closing comments; if you are a fan of puzzle games and want an affordable, entertaining title which will give you a laugh, Quantum Conundrum is the place to go. The game is also coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 very soon!

Many thanks for reading, here are the scores…