rain is Sony Computer Entertainment’s latest downloadable exclusive for the Playstation 3. The game tells the tale of an invisible boy (visible only in the rain) who follows an invisible girl (again, visible in rain) through the streets of Paris. The game has immense emotional depth in both story and atmosphere, and the gameplay is relaxing and enjoyable. The game is aspiring to be the next Journey. Read on for our full review of this stunning new title…

Rain is a very relaxing, but deep game. The story and atmosphere instantly draw you in through the impressive use of music and graphical charm, and begins to plant feelings of emotion within the player. The game was developed by SCE Japan, a studio known for innovative and deep titles, and rain fulfils what we expect from the studio. So, the way the game works is, you basically must avoid the enemies from seeing (and chasing you) by hiding under structures which block out the rain. More complex elements are introduced later, such as muddy water leaving footprints, and alerting the enemy to your location. It is a genious system which I have never seen done before in a game.

Some have complained that the gameplay gets tiring, and is too simple, however, I felt that the gameplay remained fine throughout the game. It is certainly not all that challenging, but that is not what rain is about. The gameplay is remain, in my opinion, remained simple, but fun. The main attraction of the game is the intriguing story and charming atmosphere, and on that front, rain certainly delivers. The puzzles may be quite simple, but, it did not hinder my experience with the title.

The game is split into a number of chapters, each of which conclude with the word ‘fin’, adding to the atmosphere of the game. The boy (who you control) in the game chases the girl throughout the entire story, with her having been the only human he encounters in ta world filled with monsters. As you progress, you begin to help her as the monsters trap her, and eventually you meet her for the first time. She joins you, and you work together for the rest of the story. I won’t spoil anything further about the plot, as I am sure you would like to experience it yourself.

Graphically, the game looks outstanding, and has a unique theme. The almost colourless world adds to the feeling of human isolation, and the music stands out as being quite melancholy, again, adding to the theme of loneliness in a world filled with evil creatures. Sound effects are simple, and effective where application. The items in the game usable to distract enemies range from church organs to puddles, with a variety of different level opportunities explored.

So, to sum up the game, I felt that, although it may be a little short on gameplay (mainly due to the limitations of such an idea), it is an emotional experience filled with depth which rewards the gamers who play it with a relaxing and unique trip. The main element which makes the game attractive is the ‘humanness’ of the story, and the emotion which the heart-warming boy & girl tale offers. Rain is an essential play, and almost lives up to the legendary JOURNEY. You should definitely pick it up from the Playstation Store now for €12.99/£9.99!