Rayman: Legends is Ubisoft’s latest platformer in the popular, long-running Rayman series. The game follows the style of Rayman: Origins, and expands on it with enhanced features and new levels. The game is highly enjoyable, and can be enjoyed by ALL ages. Read on for our full review of Legends…

As many of you know, Ubisoft gave the main Rayman series a rest for a long time, and limited it to the spin-off ‘Rabbids’ series. He returned to much praise in Rayman: Origins in 2011, and Legends is the latest follow up to the platformer. Does it live up to the fun which Origins offered? I can happily say that Legends exceeds it and offers, without a doubt, the best platforming game of the year 2013, and exceeds all other offerings in recent memory.

Legends features beautiful hand-drawn artwork, powered by the in-house Ubi Art system. This brings the environment to life in a vivid and colourful way, and adds a lot of graphical beauty to the point where the game reaches the levels of some of the best looking games ever released. The artwork is outstanding, and offers an atmosphere you just cannot find in most games. Legends has a lot of charm, and the graphics are the aspect which is responsible for this.

Ubisoft have gone crazy and created wacky, hectic levels filled with fast-paced gameplay and lots of traps. This provides for some very fun experiences with the family, or even solo. Level design is outstanding; each level has a different focus, feel and design (which is impressive when you consider the number of levels within the game). It stays fresh all the way through, and automatically brings a smile to your face. I found that playing the game can be a very relaxing and cheerful experience.

Additionally, one of the great offerings Ubisoft have added just to increase the value of your purchase are daily challenges. A unique challenge level is added every day, meaning you will always have something to play. This is on top of the 100+ levels and ‘invaded’ levels. The game is packed full with fun content, and offers great bang for your buck. There is also a lot of replay value; players can replay levels to try rescue all their trapped friends, and to earn the GOLD cup.

Sound effects and music have as much charm as the graphics, and some of the levels have even been built around the movements of Rayman making beats to a song rhythm. These levels are usually fantastic, and offer extremely fun, fast-paced gameplay. Death is common in all of the levels, but thankfully checkpoints are frequent and the game isn’t all that harsh on people who die frequently. It doesn’t really hamper your results in the level.

There are a wealth of playable characters in the game, which offers 2-4 player co-op, and, of course, single player modes. Playing Legends on co-op is about one of THE most fun experiences that you can have on any game in my recent memory, and, with the game being accessible by all ages, it is a great family title (don’t be fooled, the adults will enjoy it just as much as the kids!). Some levels feature Murfy, a character who helps clear the path for you as you run through levels. One the non-touchscreen versions of the game, he is very well controller by AI (which worked flawlessly for us), or, on touchscreen enabled gaming devices, this is the method of control used to command Murfy. The AI for enemies and allies in the game is perfect, and did not play up even once for us.

I have to say, without a doubt, Rayman Legends is the best platformer of the year, and is one of the most lively, amusing platformers ever. It is definitely worth a purchase because I guarantee; YOU WILL HAVE FUN! You can pick up the game now on a variety of platforms including PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita.