Hi everybody! Welcome to another Sunday Summer of Vita review… today we have the wonderful Rayman Origins, ready for careful analysis by yours truly. The game was released on pretty much every common platform this generation but we can only say this review is 100% accurate for the PS VITA version, other versions, however, are likely to be very similar.

This game is a true reboot of the classic Rayman platform-gaming franchise. I want to jump straight in and say.. Rayman Origins is fantastic. It goes back to the roots of the original Rayman games and brings back the parts people liked, adding new innovations and taking into account negative feedback.

It would be very hard to further perfect Rayman Origins, due to the fact the game is more or less perfect as it is. You all know Rayman, the game series which originally featured 2D platform gaming… it dabbled in 3D a few times, returning to it’s 2D roots with Origins.

The graphics in this game are stunning. It is one of the most graphically impressive games I have ever seen. Thanks to the Vita’s screen, the colours really do look vivid and beautiful and the gorgeous backgrounds stand out as some of the nicest game artwork I’ve seen in memory.

It would be hard to beat Rayman Origins in terms of graphics, they are absolutely mind blowing… you really have to see it in action to truly appreciate it’s absolute beauty.

Enough of me rambling on about the graphics… what about other things like gameplay, mechanics and sound. Well, the sound effects and music are also superb. They perfectly matched graphical style and sound style, providing a fantastic experience which is rather rare to find in gaming these days.

Music is what you would expect from Rayman (which is a good thing) and it complements the fun experience you will have while playing this masterpiece. I really cannot fault graphics or sounds….

Now, how about gameplay. The game plays excellently. I have not encountered a single glitch or blunder in the game. The mechanics are great and the game is very easy to play. They did a top notch job programming this game. It really is a joy to play.

Well, that leaves only one thing to talk about, the value for money. Rayman Origins features a medium-long campaign, however, ghost mode, time trial modes and a hunger for completion will keep you replaying the levels until you have perfectly completed everything.

So, overall, I couldn’t recommend RAYMAN ORIGINS for PS VITA any more than I have. It is a stunning piece of work and stands out among many modern games. Rayman Origins really is one of the platforming breakthroughs of this generation.

We leave you with the scores, thanks for reading!