Capcom has delivered a new episodic entry in the Resident Evil series in the form of Revelations 2. Adopting the model taken by Telltale Games with their extremely popular ‘The Walking Dead’ episodic series, Revelations 2 is delivering its story in episodes approximately every 2 weeks.

As we are introduced to the story, we meet Claire Redfield and Moira Burton. These characters have joined the Terra-Save organisation, who work to solve world issues. The game is of course set in an dark, dangerous mansion in a remote location which the characters are not familiar with.

When playing alone, Moira takes over the role of flashlight controller. This truly adds to the tension in the gameplay as not being able to see certain parts of your surroundings at particular times can be quite scary if you believe something is present in the darkness. In co-op mode, this role is taken over by a friend, which can end up being quite fun at times.

The first episode also looks fantastic. The environment, setting design, character models and presentation are all perfect. Animations are smooth and well-products and glitches are few and far between. The control scheme is also great.

The first episode suggests that the series will be mainly based on puzzle solving under tense conditions and limited supplies; similarly to Resident Evil (1). The game draws much of its inspiration from the style of the original Resident Evil games, however, some elements from the more recent titles and form the original Revelations have been included also.

Overall, Revelations 2: Episode 1 has delivered a promising introduction to what could be an excellent entry to the Resident Evil franchise in a fresh, new format. I highly urge you to pick up and try the first episode to see what you think!