Hello everyone and welcome to our third SUMMER OF VITA review on InsideTheBox, today we have Resistance: Burning Skies, the game which has been bringing mixed opinions ready for review… lets get started!

Resistance: Burning Skies follows the story of Tom Reily, a fireman from New York, as he personally journeys to rescue his abducted wife and child from the evil Chimera who have invaded America for the first time.

The game is set after Resistance: Fall of Man, however, it is before Resistance 2. The game has both a single player mode and an online multiplayer mode. The campaign should last you 4-7 hours, depending on difficulty level and your experience in this genre of gaming.

The game doesn’t really have memorable characters, with the protagonist Tom not really speaking or sharing emotions. This, in my opinion, is not a factor which tarnishes the gameplay experience. Resistance: Burning Skies is a game which is intended for a handheld experience, not a hardcore, solid 4 hour burst of gameplay.

Most reviewers have given it a score of around 5-6/10 due to the fact the single player campaign is rather short and the online multiplayer doesn’t have the wealth of features console games have. That is the problem… reviewers are treating the game as if it should be on-par with a console experience, which, in my opinion, is nonsense.

Resistance: Burning Skies has excellent gameplay, I find it very fun to play for short 30 minute bursts while travelling, which is the entire purpose of a handheld game for a handheld console. The plot is not intended to be as engaging as a console experience, due to the fact you will likely have much less time to play the handheld version, it is not intended for 4-5 hour bursts of gameplay.

I found the game a stunning achievement for a handheld FPS. The cutscenes, environments, textures and character models are a fantastic display of what can be done on handheld consoles in today’s era. The graphical performance is spectacular, and I found the game to be one of the best handheld games I have ever experienced.

The score is absolutely spectacular, however, it is quite limited. I do feel the sound effects are professional and worthy of praise, so I can’t make many criticisms in that respect.

The game’s online multiplayer mode is very fun to play and is great for a few game while you are away from home and have access to internet. For example, if you are a college student and have college Wi-Fi access, a few games of Burning Skies’ online multiplayer can be great.

Well, thanks more or less all we have to say… I have to highly recommend the game if you are a fan of FPS and travel quite often. Here are the scores..