Resogun is probably the most fun launch title on the PS4 (partly due to it being a fantastic freebie to get with Playstation Plus). The game can have you spending hour after hour after hour trying to rack up the best score possible, or to beat a previous record. It truly does match the quality of Housemarque’s previous masterpiece, Super Stardust.

The game is a twin-stick shooter, and has a number of unique elements. As you may have guessed, movement is mapped to the left stick and firing is mapped to the right stick. The four trigger buttons are also used, being attached to OVERDRIVE, BOOST, BOMB and “THROW HUMAN”. These controls are all you will need to make the most of this game.

It is a very simplistic game, and is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. The better you get, the more enjoying the game will become. Even better is the fact is available free to everyone with Playstation Plus, and is probably one of the best titles to offer free at launch. It really shows that downloadable, smaller titles have a huge part to play on the system, and can provide as much (or in this case, possibly more) value as a full release.

The aim is to ‘Save the last humans’. You are tasked with picking up humans who are dropped from their protective cubes, and bringing them to one of the safety checkpoints. This will result in you getting an extra bomb, points or possibly an extra life. After all humans have either been saved, or have died, the level’s boss will drop in, which you must destroy. The game’s world works like a cylinder, with movement left in right actually moving in circles around a central point. The game is extremely simple, but works very effectively, and is EXTREMELY FUN to play! You won’t be led through the the simple gameplay, which is difficult to master; you will be expected to discover this yourself.

Graphically, the particle effects achieved in the game are HUGELY impressive. The small enemies, lighting effects and backgrounds also look great. One of the very interesting elements to note is the use of VOXELS, not pixels. Voxels are ‘volumetric pixels’, or, in other words, tiny cubes. So, everything in the game is composed of these tiny cubes, rather than the dot-like tiny pixels we usually see. This assists in the impressive particle effects, as when something is destroyed, it breaks into a huge number of tiny cubes.

Unfortunately, the game only has five levels. It would have been nice to have included a few more, however, it is not all bad, as it will take you quite some time to jump up the difficultly levels of the game. The levels are also so fun that it is easy to play them over and over without caring that it is the same level. The main incentive to replay is to beat leaderboards and personal records. You can also play co-op with a friend, so, that is another way to grab extra value, as it can be fun to relax and play Resogun with a friend every now and then.

One of the best things is how easy it us to just start up the game and play for a little while, as you can complete a level in 10-20 minutes, depending on how quickly you want it to finish. The ‘pick up and play’ factor makes it very accessible.

Overall, Resogun is one of the most enjoyable games on the PS4 at launch, and even better, it is completely free on Playstation Plus in launch month. This makes the game a no-brainer, and you should definitely download it. The use of voxels instead of pixels is an interesting idea, which has been employed very well, and has produced very impressive graphical performance. The sound effects and music are also excellent, and overall the game impresses in every way possible.