Hello again all! We have a very special and different review for you today… it’s a review of the DecalGirl gaming and electronics skin range, which allows you to change how your devices look for a very small price.

DecalGirl started in 2003 as a small, 2 person company. Now, in 2012, they employ over 35 people and the business makes millions each year. DecalGirl has a unique system, having no debt and no external investors.

DecalGirl skins are made to the highest quality, the material feels lovely in your hands and is very durable and strong. It also uses a special type of gluey substance which leaves no residue behind after removal of the skin if it is removed in the correct way.

The marketing team over at DecalGirl were kind enough to send me a few skins from their new range of Futurama skins. DecalGirl partnered with Comedy Central this year to bring a line of different characters from the Futurama universe into reality on their highest quality skins.

I received: a PS Vita skin, an iPod Touch skin and a PS3 skin with 2 controllers. I have been a loyal customer of DecalGirl for quite some time, so I have tried many of their skins and never received a bad quality or defective one.

The designs on the skins are beautiful, produced and printed to the highest quality standards. Colours stand out and look beautiful on both their glossy and matte skins. Personally, I prefer the matte finish skins as they don’t show fingermarks as much as the glossy, however, I have purchased a range of both types.

Another thing I must compliment about DecalGirl is the very affordable price at which they sell their skins. A PS3 skin is generally available for the price of $14.99, or $19.99 if you go for the more expensive matte finish version. PS3 controllers are $4 each when purchased with the PS3 skin.

iPod Touch skins are available at the price of $9.99 for both the glossy and matte finish and also include a free wallpaper to match the skin which can be used on the device.

DecalGirl carry these affordable skins for a range of hundreds of devices… if your gaming or entertainment device is made by a well-known brand, it’s likely DecalGirl will have a skin to suit your tastes. They even allow you to purchase laptop skins for any laptop, provided you have the dimensions available to submit. The skin will be re-sized to fit your device.

I don’t think I can really say much more to you about the excellent DecalGirl products. They are absolutely fantastic companions to your beloved gaming and electronic devices.

I must say, DecalGirl are the KING of bringing something special to your boring, generic looking device. Without a doubt, anyone who hadn’t (and even those who had) heard of DecalGirl should check out their beautiful range of skins online.

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